My Why

I have been a ‘seeker’ all my life and want to share what I have learned.



LIFENERGI is the result of my life’s work in my search for authentic self-expression. It is a process of creating an authentic life and living it without worrying if you are authentic. It does take work, some introspection and then commitment. 

The first question is “What Do You Want?” not what you want to buy, have or achieve, but rather how do you want to live your life? What are you willing to do to have it or give up to create it?

At the same time getting to “Current Reality” as this will assist in defining what you have and what you want. It is my experience that many people live in an unreal world of expectations generated by the illusions create by politicians and sophisticated marketing. The seductive lure of easy credit and the easy life! The right leader will fix everything.

Committing to it and take action (and asking for help in creating what you want). Dreams without action are ‘day dreams’ kissed by sunshine, or alcohol or drugs, hazy thinking at best. It has taken me 35 years of curiosity, deep learning and commitment to create a life I love.

Pay it forward. Living the life you want and helping others create what they want.






it was 2003 and the real test for my knowledge of authenticity and leadership arrived. I was asked to coach and train a large and very distinguished group of leaders! It included winter Olympic athletes, political leaders, engineers, architects, social planners all at the same time!  Suddenly I was the speech coach for the Canadian Winter Olympic Bid Team.

I coached team the In Vancouver BC Canada for Olympic Evaluation Committee; who would decide if the Canada team could host the 2010 Winter Olympics It was hectic and fun. I went to Prague coached the Canadian team for the deciding presentation and Canada won!

Winning created a demand for my style of authentic presentation and further convinced me to keep on working to create a process or program for people to help lead an authentic life.




I was at a loss and business colleague asked me to train his staff to “speak like me”I was surprised and said yes. What I did not expect and was to learn was that I had become ‘authentic’ as a speaker. How do you teach someone be authentic? Especially when all their lives they had been to “fake it until they make it” as a speaker. This became my new challenge and learning curve! Inspiring and coaching people to be ‘authentic’ when they are exposed on a public stage. I developed a process and workshop. I had a participant who was very eager and kept asking lots of questions. It was only at the end of the workshop did she reveal that she was from UBC, and that started a conversation about me bringing the workshop to UBC.

Over the summer we had several discussions about the intellectual property, and they agreed it was mine and so I gave them my full workbook. After brainstorming we decided upon to name the workshop “Presentation Power”. I then led the Presentation Power workshop for 8years at UBC and then took it back to my private practice.



The Pursuit Of Excellence


I loved the “Pursuit of Excellence” It was a powerful experience and I was inspired to lead it. I joined Context Associated in 1986 and entered their 2year Program Leaders Training; where I studied the background to and then led “The Pursuit of Excellence” program.  It was suggested I further my experience with training at Professional Development Seminars: The Haven, on Gabriola Island BC.  The focus is self-responsibility, effective communication, healthy relationships, creative expression, and integration of mind-body-spirit. I took the 5day residential programs: Come Alive – Couples Workshop – Men Body and Energy – Anger and Boundaries. I spent 10 years with Context, but found myself wanting…


Fire Walking & NLP 


A wake up call a failed marriage! I did not understand I was now a successful public speaker and we had a very good business,  I wanted to understand, on a suggestion I went to a Fire Walking Coaching & NLP Training, with Anthony Robbins in San Diego. It shattered my long held beliefs of what is possible and it increased my hunger for more knowledge. Quickly I discovered Virginia Satire and Milton Erickson, but that was not enough. Again I experienced it was only scratching the surface.


The “Beauty Industry”


I started my working life helping others ‘show’ a good face to the world – the world of cosmetics and hair design. Only to find what looks ‘good’ often is a clever facade, smoke and mirrors. Still searching I went to work at MGM Film UK, and discovered where illusions and desires are created.

1996 I immigrated to Vancouver BC Canada and soon was building a life, starting a business getting married and soon we had a family. I was ambitious and worked hard to build a future I became successful but I was never satisfied. I became a professional speaker looking for applause and confirmation and that I was OK. It never worked.

I started to experience hi stress levels and my Dr. suggested that I look at mediation and a friend introduced me to Transcendental Meditation. TM helped manage the stress, but not the root cause.


Join me and create the life you want.

Let’s Start!