My Why

I have always been inspired by ‘Mr. Rogers’ good energy. Nuclear war and race relations weren’t the usual kiddie-show fodder, but they made their way into the safe space of ‘Mister Roger’s Neighbourhood.’

On being a good neighbour. Mr. Rogers

What is goodwill and how it impacts society.  We understand goodwill it “Christmas” time, that’s when we go out of our way to be nice, helpful to strangers and remember family and friends.

Now imagine a piece of fabric covering the world that represents “good will”.  In some places it is evident that goodwill exists. The spontaneous help after the devastation of hurricane, or a firestorm, neighbours helping each other in the winters’ ice storm.  I am sure you have experienced it, a stranger giving you a hand when you need it, a good friend steps up to help. And when your helping others spontaneously.  Goodwill: It exists in small and large measure. Each of us are a single strand in the fabric of society.

In some parts of the world, it is evident that the fabric of goodwill is becoming unravelled, in Africa, Europe, Russia, Ukraine, and often in our own backyard.  Where conflict exists its results are evident, death, destruction, and orphans.  So, how can I make a difference in this world? 


My Mission

To Strengthen The Fabric of Society

How can I help create goodwill and increase its’ effect? I decide to make my personal mission was to strengthen people, through coaching and workshops. Can you spot me in the first row, third from the right. This was the graduating class #66 of Advancement of Excellence and I had the please of being the facilitator. When I strengthen one person, I strengthen one strand in the fabric and they strengthen those around them, by being a stronger person.  One person at a time, Geoffrey