“Geoffrey was instrumental in contributing to my career growth. He’s a master of his craft.”

~ Randy Mouflier, Rogers Communications

Hello. I’m Geoffrey X Lane.

If you’re here, like most of my readers, this means you’re a motivated person looking for solutions. You work hard and you expect results. But even though you put considerable effort into your life and career, you still have a sense of unease. Or stress. Or overwhelm. You want more from your life, and you’re willing to put the work in to get it. But how?

For thirty years, I’ve been coaching my clients to move past roadblocks. Whether it’s a fear of speaking publicly, how to manage people on their team, or get a promotion, or to create the life they want.

I Might Be The Coach For You


My clients often tell me that I’ve helped them make the biggest change of their lives. I help them make a decision that seems too difficult, too scary, or too complicated into a decision that’s confident, authentic and assured.

Through all of this work with people over the years, I’ve learned that the most likely roadblock they face is themselves. It may seem like it’s an unmanageable team, or a rocky economy, or some other difficult set of circumstances – and these things can impede our progress. But the single biggest factor in obstructing us from getting the life we want is ourselves.

I’ve witnessed transformations in my clients. They’ve made career and personal dreams come true. I want to see this happen for you too.


My coaching is perfect for you if:

  • You have more to offer but need a practical framework to get there

  • You feel unsure if you’re making the right decisions in your life

  • Your relationships with colleagues and family aren’t fulfilling

  • You’re not sure if you’re doing what you’re supposed to

  • You have a big choice to make, but don’t know what to do

  • You want to understand your deeper motivations

If you’re interested in doing the work it takes to get the wins and the life you want, you’re in the right place. Are you living the life you love?

Are you being the best version of yourself that you can be, or is it time for a major upgrade?  I can help you with practical, time-tested techniques and steps.

You can create the life you want.

"Geoffrey brings a fresh perspective to our team – he’s the outside expert. His track record earns immediate respect and an open mind from our leaders. Geoffrey’s work crosses all industries. He also brings global experience and limitless ideas. Working with Geoffrey is how I imagine working with Yoda might be, incredibly intuitive, wise and a deep listener. He synthesizes information, and identifies a missing idea or key point very quickly. Geoffrey is warm and nurturing, yet forthcoming with the (sometimes) cold, hard truth. His approach gets the job done and helps us win work!"

~ Amy Moen, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, CPSM - HOK

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