ZEN: The Art of Leadership

Over the past decade of providing training and coaching leaders, I have witnessed an acute need for a new approach to leadership and to include those who support the leader as well as the leader. I am a professional mentor, coach and educator, I can help you add to your skills.

“Authority alone does not make a leader; the ability to get your message across to persuade your listener is key. Nothing happens until the communication begins; great ideas have no impact until they are given voice. Power comes from a leader’s ability to use his or her own unique set of personal attributes to their best advantage. Those who learn these core leadership skills will have the knowledge and courage to change, the experience to advance and succeed.” – Geoffrey X. Lane

ZEN: Art of Leadership coaching It’s designed to help you create powerful and permanent change that’s effective and sustainable.

My coaching will give you the building blocks to become a more effective communicator, leader, sharpen existing skills, and master new strengths.  With the emphasis on the principles of effective leadership. Moreover, this coaching model offer people the practical tools and techniques to become more effective leaders.

Everyone in an organization has an important role to play in the process of developing business, communicating, presenting, winning bids, and keeping customers. The leadership team has a responsibility to develop a defined, consistent, and measurable process that includes the best practices of the industry at large!

The leadership team must also help build trust and respect and give people a sense of control they seek, while giving them a structure that is flexible, respectful, and focused on providing a solution to the problems and challenges of their clients.

Drawing from three decades of research, writing, and working with leadership teams, Geoffrey X Lane is uniquely qualified to help individuals, teams and organizations recognize and develop the key elements of practical leadership that will allow them to thrive in an environment of constant change. This is a rare opportunity to tap into his extensive experience and deep expertise.

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