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“Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes” Hugh Prather

Change is like a climbing unknown cliff face…

Imagine you are hanging from your finger-tips. You’re tiring and there are sharp rocks below. It feels rational to hang on for as long as you can. Your grip is slipping! Being told to “let go” only makes things feel worse.

Maybe you need a coach to help with the climb, I can help! I have been there and coached others through it!

Leadership was once a quiet skill, today it is very public. Becoming a powerful speaker and communicator is an essential skill in leadership today, it is media driven world.

The Audience is no longer passive; they have become, co-creators. Leaders must communicate so they pull the audience into an ongoing relationship. For leaders, it is critical to be flexible and have powerful communication skills. Essential skills of modern leadership; engaging and empowering teams to create results.

You need to enable others to create value around a shared purpose. The future lies in creating diverse ecosystems and business platforms. The power to communicate has never been as important!

It is a skill and can be learnt, it takes commitment and great coach. My life’s passion is helping people express themselves powerfully, with passion and purpose.  Nothing happens until communication begins; Great ideas have no impact until they are given voice, your voice. GXL


Presentation Director

“The Director creates a space where they can become more than they’ve dreamed of being.” ROBERT ALTMANN

The Challenge Today


“Authority alone does not make a leader; the ability to get your message across to persuade your listener is key. Nothing happens until the communication begins; great ideas have no impact until they are given voice. Power comes from a leader’s ability to use his or her own unique set of personal attributes to their best advantage. Those who learn these core leadership skills will have the knowledge and courage to change, the experience to advance and succeed. ”Geoffrey X. Lane

Presentation Coaching

My focus is to coach and inspire you as a leader and your presentation team to effectively communicate and to skillfully present your winning story, your “X Factor.”

Presentation Director; it involve working with you and your team, coaching and directing your team on how to communicate with passion, enthusiasm and sincerity. You’ll become more powerful in communicating who you are and the advantages in your bid. We combine this with an equal emphasis on the technical and logistical components of your presentation, enabling you to feel confident that all parts are well taken care of.

Crafting your key messages and developing your presentation materials is essential to motivate your audience and to get the information they want, so that they can choose you, and for you to win!

When I coach presentation teams, I build upon the talents and resources of each team member and guide them to become a cohesive whole.

Finally, I have created a unique rehearsal process that is designed to master confidence, familiarity and experience. What you want to say is crystallized and becomes embodied.

On performance day you will present your powerful story with clarity; you’re engaged with your audience; and you receive the results you desire.

Script/Story Board Development /Presentation Tools

Preparing a winning presentation can be a complex process. There many moving parts – assembling the right team, ensuring the company can satisfy the full complement of technical and management requirements, perhaps identifying and forming strategic alliances, allocating sufficient resources and budgets, and preparing timelines.

Sometimes what is forgotten in this deluge of work is the crystal clarity of your promise, the full expression of your commitment and the true uniqueness of your offer that differentiates you from your competitors. I will help you uncover, re-define or bring to life your promise. You will put voice to your unique offer. you will transform your story to captivate the imagination of your audience. This strengthens your position to win.

Added to this, I will work with a design team, (either yours or ours) to creatively develop your “story-board” and the full suite of presentation and communication tools required for a powerful, passionate, first class delivery.

Personal Presentation Coaching;

“Either you run the day, or the day runs you” Jim Rohn

I help people express their ideas, solutions and strategies (and themselves) in such a way it provide them with an authentic communication advantage and enables them to succeed in getting what they want.

Coaching is to performance what leadership is to an organization © GXL

Successful athletes, entrepreneurs and corporations all have something in common: the ‘desire’ to succeed and win. What Olympic athletes have always known is that if you want to maximize your potential and win, hire a coach. As human beings are primarily emotional creatures, top-level coaches are experts working with the E. Factor – both self-limiting and self-enhancing beliefs – Helping the fires that burn within to roar. Coaches do not create the flame, but the best can help you fan your flame into a roaring success. Many coaches won’t even accept a client if they fail to find a flame inside. They know the flame is the prerequisite for greatness.

My Presentation Power Coaching process will increase your confidence and help you become a more effective communicator and skillful presenter. Having trained thousands of people, I know that our process has the potential to affect your results and life more positively than you may now imagine.

Your personal success depends on your ability to communicate your thoughts, feelings and ideas with clarity and passion!  My purpose is to enhance individuals’ and corporations’ ability to produce the results most important to them. I am dedicated to helping you become the most effective presenter you can be.

A demanding activity at the best of times, “Presenting” is becoming even tougher. Today’s audience has a wealth of experience and knowledge, (which is readily available,) and so will not tolerate the “old” just, tell them approach.

Nothing will speed up your progress as a speaker like private coaching. When you get an uninterrupted, in-depth period to receive specific feedback and encouragement, you make great leaps towards professionalism and excellence as a speaker. A private coaching session will help you:

  1. Identify or clarify the essence of your message
  2. Write & tell stories that bring your point home to people
  3. Train your mind to turn performance anxiety into performance confidence
  4. Create adlibs, jokes, and saver lines for your specific speaking situation
  5. Determine your dominant presenting style
  6. Design audience participation activities to suit your group
  7. Learn how to build on your strengths
  8. Improve voice and movement habits while presenting
  9. Find the right audience ready to hear your message
  10. Set up or improve your own freelance speaking business
  11. Create an environment that opens people’s minds to your message
  12. Research and organize your material
  13. Appeal to your specific audience style
  14. Prepare yourself to be the best you can be!

Presenting is a skill that is built over time, coaching provides you with the on-going support to keep monitoring your progress. Your best weapon as a speaker is confidence and preparation. There is nothing more powerful than witnessing your own progress to build the confidence you needs to stand in front of a crowd. Watching yourself grow also motivates you to keep going, even when faced with challenges and setbacks.

Always Show Up Geoffrey  ‘The Modern Alchemist”

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“The art of life is a constant readjustment to our surroundings.” Kakuzo Okakaura

Here’s the thing. I’m an independent researcher/writer/coach. I write for people who are interested in developing the skills of leadership, communications, facilitation, and I don’t have to sell ads.

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I am passionately dedicated to helping individuals express themselves naturally, and to
develop their authentic leadership as a source of power. Geoffrey X. Lane