What can I expect from “Tell It Like It Is” Coaching?

You can expect to thoughtfully be challenged, and supported to be your best.  If you are interested in straight forward feedback, and you want to create dynamic results then I am the right coach for you.  My coaching will give you the clarity and skills you require to master your core authentic leadership. You will gain awareness of your unique and personal style, learn how to focus on your strengths and turn your liabilities into abilities. You will achieve a significant and permanent improvement in your leadership ability, and personal confidence.

The “Tell It Like It Is” Coaching Process

  • Identifying a topic or issue: As your coach, I will help you define what you want to accomplish
  • Exploring ideas: As your coach I will probe, challenge, listen and question until you have developed a clear and compelling vision and goal to move toward
  • Removing barriers: As your coach, I will help identify barriers and discover points of leverage
  • Taking action: as your coach, I will help you develop a clear action plan to move your goals forward
  • Refining and reflecting: As your coach, I will support and motivate you through the process to the achievement of your goals.

Providing YOU with Powerful Information

Most of us receive feedback from the world directly in the form of results, good and bad, and then indirectly by the quality of our relationships. We can only do our best based on what we know, so the feedback you receive will increase your learning about yourself. It is often hard to get perspective when one is in the middle of a situation. As your coach, I have a clearer view of the game than you do.  I will help you evaluate your skill level and keep you on track with what is important to you. You will see yourself clearly, as your peers do. You will improve your performance. You will see what is going on around you. You will improve your confidence and sense of control.

“Behind an able person there are always other able people.”

~ Chinese Proverb

Q: What is “Tell It Like It Is” Coaching? A: It is an Empowering Style of Relating

You and I create a working relationship: trusting, challenging, and supportive. You use can me as a resource as you take action weekly to accomplish results. I expect a lot from you, but I never put the result ahead of the relationship.

The ‘Process of Development’

My purpose is to help you to uncover and develop your personal foundation so your natural gifts and talents can emerge. I want to help you to be happy in the present, rather than just planning for the future. I use advanced tools to promote this growth, but the you do the work.

It is a Form of Consulting

Like consulting, the client discusses problems and opportunities and asks for information and advice. The client pays a fee, usually monthly, for services rendered.

I Focus on the Entire Person

I help you to have all areas of your life working well together, balanced and integrated. My purpose is to assist you in strengthening your communication, leadership and relationship skills. Tell It Like It Is Coaching; is a process NOT an event…

Tell It Like It Is Coaching; To get great results, you need to stay in action and ‘show up’ in your life. Personal and professional growth is the hallmark of being coached.

Double Your Level of Willingness

Part of working with me as your coach is that I will ask a lot of you.  Not too much, I hope, but perhaps more than you have been asked recently.  Coaching works best when you are willing to experiment with fresh approaches and be open to redesigning the parts of your life that you are able to right now.  This, so you can more easily reach your goals and live in an integrated and fulfilled personal and professional life, using the gifts you have, enjoying life as it was meant to be enjoyed.  For example, would you be willing to:

  • Change your behavior, a lot
  • Start telling the absolute truth, regardless
  • Experiment and try new things
  • Start treating people much, much better
  • Remove all sources of stress in your life.
  • Stop tolerating stuff in your life
  • Redesign how you spend your time
  • Get the support you need to handle a problem.
  • Raise your personal standards to be very, very high.
  • Set goals that are much, much bigger

Tell It Like It Is Coaching

Like any process, results do not come overnight, many assume that coaching is a quick fix, coaching is about a process of life lasting change.  I request that you retain me for 3 months as a minimum period and to initiate the process the first and last months is paid in advance. This furthers your commitment to yourself, accelerates your results and strengthens your resolve to learn new methodologies and to be a champion in your own life.

What Clients Say About Geoffrey

My mission in life is to help people step into their potential and make their impossible a reality.  I would love to help you create the life you want, as I experience real passion and satisfaction helping people solving problems that puzzle and frustrate them. How can I help you? I am committed to You and Your success Geoffrey 


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All the best, Geoffrey

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