My Curious Background

My actions are my only true belongings. I cannot escape the consequences of my actions. My actions are the ground upon which I stand. Thich Nhat Hanh

My purpose and mission is to strengthen the social fabric of the world to inspire, inform and involve everybody in the role of leadership! I believe we need a new model of leadership. This desire to start and create a new dialog about leadership led me into the world of ZEN. It started for me with an interaction with a ZEN Monk Paul Reps. He asked me a simple question, which changed the direction of my life in so many ways, thank you Reps.

My Curious Journey

I have been curious all of my life. This trait led me to a willingness to a life with fullness and and amazing experiences, from London’s east end to travelling and training in Australia, US, Canada and Hong Kong.  I have studied, experimented and personally tested what I coach and train people to do: – which is how to lead, to communicate, give a presentation, and to create a life you truly want!

I am still curious, Geoffrey

My Curious Journey…

2021/Now – Challenging the predominant model of leadership, using the ancient principals and the practices of ZEN to strengthen the modern leader.

2020 Deeper study of ZEN and leadership – then the pandemic arrived and reading and taking training live online.

2005/2020: –  My focus has been in these areas; Leadership Coach & Public Speaking Coach. I have been using my Lifenergi™ Coaching model which I wrote and  led at Lifenergi™ Retreat on Bowen Island, BC Canada in 2007.

2018 I went to Inspired Outcomes to update my NLP education from Allen Kanerva, recognized as one of Canada’s  leading NLP Educators and experts. Brilliant Trainer.; NLP Practitioner Training, PACE Coaching Program and Hypnosis Training.

  1. I wanted to bring more spontaneity to my speaking and training so I went to “The Improv” classes at the Carosol Theatre for 8 weeks – hilarious, challenging and spontaneous humour…. After 10 plus years of study I realize I am still a beginning student of ZEN Buddhism.

2002/2003: I was the speech coach for the Canadian Olympic Bid Team. I coached the team in Vancouver, BC Canada so the ‘Olympic Evaluation Committee’ could evaluate us to see if Canada would host the 2010 Winter Olympics. I coached the Canadian team in Prague, Czech Republic for the final presentation, and Canada won! Speech and presentation skills for winning 2010 Winter Olympics.

1995/2004 I was a workshop leader/lecturer at the “Sauder School of Business” – in the MBA program – I also led Presentation Power for Executive Education, UBC and Sales Talk for Executive Education. I am the author of “Presentation Power”.

1993-2000: I was the co-founder and President of NuMethod Executive Education Inc. NuSpeak Workshop and Video Training (for media) Our client list included: BCTV, Electronic Arts, Tourism Vancouver, VanCity Credit Union, London Drugs and Sandwell Engineering and many graduates of our public version of the workshop.

1985/1988  Professional Development Seminars: at The Haven, on Gabriola Island BC. The Haven is a non-profit learning centre on beautiful Gabriola Island in British Columbia, Canada. The focus is self-responsibility, effective communication, healthy relationships, creative expression, and integration of mind-body-spirit.While at The Haven I met Paul Reps a ZEN Monk, in one question he changed the course of my life – thank you Reps.

I participated several 5 day residential programs at the Haven, with the long-term goal of becoming a therapist and to support my work leading the Pursuit of Excellence.  Haven programs: Come Alive 5 days – Couples Workshop 5 days – Men Body and Energy 5 days – Anger and Boundaries 5 days – Creative Planning Workshop 5 days (Licensee). As I was getting close making the decision to commit to the next, I had a conversation with founders of the Haven Bennet Wong, M.D., F.R.C.P. and Jock McKeen. MD Lic.Ac, I then decided to be a coach/mentor and lead the Pursuit of Excellence – thank you Ben and Jock.

1986 I joined Context Associated in 1986 and entered their 2 year Program Leaders Training; where I studied the background, I then facilitated “The Pursuit of Excellence” program for 8 years. I also learned how to the facilitate The Wall and I also facilitated The Advancement of Excellence, but my focus was “The Pursuit of Excellence” program. It was amazing to be in the company of so many gifted and wise facilitators. A special thanks to Peggy Merlin PHD who was the director of education and my coach. I discovered the writings of the Dali Lama which has led to so much more…

1985 I took the 5 day The Pursuit of Excellence following up with The Wall 6 days residential program and then The Advancement of Excellence 8 week program. This was a new start for me, after the disaster of a failed marriage, I acknowledged I was the real problem.

1985/1995 I facilitated the Pursuit of Excellence for 8 years travelling across Canada. As a facilitator and program leader I was involved in Curriculum Development & Training. I facilitated “The Advancement of Excellence” – a 8 week program. I loved the experience of working with Context, a passionate mission driven company

1968/1985 I became a partner with Lisa Kerfoot in 1968. Together we ran retail and service (hair & cosmetics) when Lisa retired it became Moods Hair Technology with locations in: Pacific Centre, Denman St Vancouver BC I sold it in 1986.

1984 Looking for answers I went to a Virginia Satyr – 3 day workshop. Later I went to my first NLP Training 7day program and Fire Walking Coach Training with Anthony Robbins in San Diego while an outrageous experience, it did not give me the breakthrough I was looking for.

1976 Transcendental Meditation classes to learn meditation and I continue to meditate.

1975/1985 As a keynote speaker I led a retailing and marketing workshop for the Allied Beauty Association Canada. Canada wide tour – Retailing & Marketing Workshop

1973: My Public Speaking career stared with REDKEN a cosmetic manufacturer and distributor. I led REDKEN Seminars  Challenge of Success – Salon Success – Canadian Tour and the Redken Regional Seminar – Motivational Speaker – USA Tour. I also taught at the REDKEN Academy in Los Angeles CA. USA I was a member of the REDKEN Laboratories Education and Marketing team and coached and trained field staff and managers – customer service & sales

1966 I emigrated to Vancouver BC Canada. When I arrived in Vancouver BC I could not find any movie related work. For 6months I worked for a local small cosmetic manufacturer who made shampoos and conditioners, I travelled across western Canada selling it to small pharmacies and outlets – it was a wonderful way to see Canada.

1966 I migrated to Vancouver BC Canada the beginning of life changing experience and becoming a Canadian.

1964/1966 I worked at MGM Film Studios in Elstree, Hertfordshire UK.  I worked in the Property dept, while waiting to make the transfer to the make up and special effects department ~ basically I was a “gopher” it was lots of fun.

1965 Vidal Sassoon Academy on Bond St London UK. It was the ‘HIP’ place to learn fashion and hair design!

1962 BBC Television- evening classes theatrical make-up while in college, a creative and amazing experience – bloody scars anyone?

1961-1963  South West College of Education, Watford, Herts, UK 2-year Diploma program Cosmetology & Salon Management

1961 Graduated from Campions Secondary School (General Certificates of Education). I was the School Athletic Captain, Senior Prefect

1945 Born in Plymouth Devon and raised in London UK.

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