Randy Mouflier, Rogers Communications

Geoffrey was instrumental in contributing to my career growth. He’s a master of his craft.”

Amy Moen, CSMP Principal HOK

Geoffrey is a Sherpa — he provides a process and structure for a journey of self-discovery. His passion for helping others is palpable, inspirational and energizing. Geoffrey’s quiet presence, calm strength and deep wisdom provide a safe backdrop to explore grow and lead.”

Jonni Johnston, CSMP VP Marketing FKP

The wonderful thing about Geoffrey is he doesn’t just impact your professional life, he affects all facets.  He is your best professor, your greatest mentor, 3 people you’d invite to your dinner party, Yoda, Charlie Chaplin and the Dalai Lama – all wrapped in one!

Patrick Courval, Portfolio Manager - Asia/Pacific Equities CN Investment Division

“I had the privilege of having Geoffrey Lane as my leadership coach.  I believe that his advice helped me improve my leadership by discovering new management skills. I encourage anyone wanting to improve their leadership and management skills to seek out his coaching.”

Michael Oliver, President Natural Selling

“It wasn’t just the techniques that helped me – it was understanding the value of authenticity – or as you put it – showing up!”

Mary Ingraham, PHD

“Geoffrey has always embodied the perfect balance of intelligence and wit. He has an unfailing ability to inspire and motivate everyone who comes into contact with him.”

Helen Becker, BSc. MBA

“Geoffrey is a master at bringing out the best in a group, his affirming and positive manner of teaching is totally focused on supporting the individual’s growth and personal development.”

Diane R. K. Osan, FAIA ACHA Senior Principal, FKP

“Working with Geoffrey is he was able to establish a deep bond with each participant that created implicit trust, harnessing our energy and willingness to take his direction and counsel. Most importantly, he was able to emotionally transform us to fully speak from our hearts in a way that showed our strongest passions….”

Scott A. Lowe, Managing Partner, 5G Design

“If you are reading this, then you are more than likely evaluating your own needs to whatever pursuit(s) lay ahead of your team. I am a direct beneficiary of Geoffrey’s guidance and skill set. He is worth so much more than his fee reflects, truly. I will work with Geoffrey again and consider it a privilege to do so.”

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