Corporate Training Online Offers Ultimate Convenience

Our three core programs can be delivered live online to fit in with your company’s educational needs. Online training allows many different employees in different ‘time zones’ and geographic locations to participate simultaneously and because it delivered via Zoom it is also interactive, engaging and participants have instant access to the instructor. It is based upon deep learning and we have been delivering live training via Zoom since 2019 – we know how and why it works.

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presentation coachingBusiness presentations and public speaking rank high on almost everyone’s list of greatest fears. Yet in today’s business world we make presentations all the time: online, (Skype, Google Hangouts, Fuze, staff meetings, planning sessions, outside agencies, special interest groups, board meetings, unions — and that is before we even get to the customer!

The audience is constantly changing. They’re busy, educated, articulate, and have more access to information than ever before. They carefully select who and what they listen to. They are looking for professional, well researched, and accurate information presented the way they listen.

In this time-pressured, busy world, having a specific model for designing and scripting good presentations is a must, not only for the peace of mind of the presenter but also for the audience.

I am convinced the most crucial element of your professional success (in reaching your goals) is your ability to influence, inspire, motivate and encourage people. © Geoffrey X. Lane

Who Should Take This?

It is designed for people who want to stand out from the crowd.

This program is designed for speakers, presenters, managers and leaders. Facilitators and workshop leaders who now or will in the future have to speak publicly or to their peers.  It is also for the proactive individuals who are willing to step forward and make things happen. It is for those who need or want to become successful.  It is also for those who because of leadership and responsibility, must step forward.

  • Does what you have to say have a direct impact on the way thousands of people lead their future lives?
  • Do you want to be articulate and influential, so that you inspire large crowds as easily as you do small groups?
  • Do you want to be, powerful, enthusiastic and persuasive?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then this program is for you.  This program will give you the core tools and skills you require to master your presentation techniques. By learning in a real life environment, you will gain awareness of your unique and personal style, learn how to focus on your strengths and turn your liabilities into abilities.

You can become a powerful speaker, in this highly effective and rewarding program. 

  • Channel your nervous tension into positive energy that puts you in control and keeps you there. Those listening to you will find you more interesting, and more engaging.
  • Organize your ideas and material for maximum impact, and present them with power, clarity and purpose.
  • Project with credibility, increase your self-confidence, and appear natural and at ease.
  • Get a group’s attention and hold it.
  • Develop a more informal, spontaneous conversational style.
  • Hold your own at any meeting or conference, thereby improving your status within your organization.




Leadership Skills Training

The world is fed up with “fake” leaders!

Are, you an emerging leader?  Do you want to strengthen your skills as a leader and learn how to inspire and manage teams flawlessly – from gen-xers to millennials? Do you want to make an impact as a leader?

Whether you call yourself a leader, a manager, a coach, a parent, an administrator, or president, your most important resource is your people. The most crucial element of success (in reaching your goal) is your ability to influence, inspire, motivate and encourage your people by being yourself.

Leadership Skills Development

Successful athletes, entrepreneurs and corporations all have something in common: the commitment to succeed and win. What Olympic athletes have always known is that if you want to maximize your potential and win, hire a coach.

As human beings are primarily emotional creatures, top-level coaches are experts working with the X. Factor – both self-limiting and self-enhancing beliefs – helping the fires that burn within to roar. As coaches do not create the flame, however we can help you fan your flame into a roaring success. Many coaches won’t even accept a client if they fail to find a flame inside. They know the flame is the prerequisite for greatness.

Most people only accept the amount of coaching their egos will allow. Champions are well known for being open to world class coaching. The more open-minded they are, the more successful the champion. The great ones don’t care about ego and control; it about improving their results – they’re looking for the competitive edge, no matter how slight.

Their logic is simple: when a champion competes, the advantage is the edge in thinking, strategy and technique. Champions look for the advantage that great coaching can provide. Champions like to and want to win.

Our programs are all about fostering lasting organizational change through executive transformation.

Leadership Skills Development

  • Identifying and Building On Your Unique Leadership Strengths
  • Developing a UCP (Unique Communication Position) for Your Career
  • Assist With “Difficult People” Challenges in Your Workplace
  • Rehearse and Prepare for Major Interviews
  • Enhance Your Ability to Give Effective Instructions
  • Streamline Your Delegation Process

Improve Your Effective “CQ” (Communication Intelligence)



Create The Life You Want!

Liberate YOUR LIFENERGI with power from the clutches of unexamined beliefs. YOU can experience authenticity, and at the same time feel sure and powerful, being free to authentically be yourself, knowing your innate goodness and appreciating others as we relate to them. There is no joy I can imagine more than expressing and experiencing authenticity. It is intoxicating. We yearn for this. We are designed for this. When we are told that we only use 10 percent of our brains, what we are not being told is that the other 90 percent is activated by the full power and joy that comes from relating authentically with others.


Geoffrey X LaneTraining Online Offers Ultimate Convenience

The program can be timed to fit in with your company’s educational needs. Online training allows many different employees in different ‘time zones’ and geographic locations to participate simultaneously. It is based upon Internet access, bandwidth and computer equipment. 


This means ultimate convenience, from anywhere, anytime, as long as there is an Internet connection and a laptop e.g. airports, home, hotel office, at lunch hours, early morning, end of day. As no staff travels, this avoids active time out of the office, delayed and expensive flights or hotel and food costs. This means less stress for management HR./Accounting/Travel re; No more managing multiple trips, people, managers and expense reports.

If a participant is unable to attend, they can logon and review the recorded training session, add their own comments or questions. They also can join in the ‘Study Team’ online and contribute their knowledge and experience.

This flexibility encourages the participation of all registered participants, ensuring a better return on your ‘training and education’ investment. The sense of community and cohesiveness is enhanced through ‘Study Teams’ collaborating within the training program.

Specific Focus

We will tailor the course to emphasize your organization and staff’s needs – at NO extra charge. Your employees can be educated specifically on the topics that they deal with most frequently and have the greatest challenges with.  Make the session as valuable as possible by focusing on the content that is most important to your team. Using the ‘Study Team’ approach, creating teams with mixed experience, learning styles and young successful team members. This creates the opportunity share experience, working knowledge and enhances the groups overall results.

Time & Cost Effective

Online workshop: a fixed fee for the entire program/workshop, one expense, and no travel time expense. You can spend the savings on recognition or more education or use it for future development. By offering an “Online” course for your staff, you are able to save thousands of dollars, create teams and share working knowledge.

Maximum Impact

The same message, experience, tools and learning achieved at the SAME time, across many time zones, different countries and offices.  Training your staff as a single unit (or in a few large groups) provides immediate impact and strengthens and intensifies learning and builds a ‘sharing and learning culture’.

Contact us and we will be happy to customize this program to fit your training needs; for the executive team, or the sales and marketing team of for your managers training and development.

Geoffrey has coached CEO’s, leaders, architects, engineers, public speakers and entrepreneurs: Here is a small collection of success stories from the different areas of Geoffrey’s background as a coach. Geoffrey has over 25 years coaching experience. He has led teams for 2010 Winter Olympic Bid, CN Financial Division, Shaw, Rocky Mountaineer, Sandwell Engineering, FKP Architects, Telus and Stantec. Geoffrey taught at the Sauder School of Business, Executive Education, at the University of British Columbia.

Karen McGregor - Professional Speaker

Presentation Training & Coaching
Geoffrey helped me establish a level of confidence I have never experienced before. It was a sudden and dramatic shift in the energy and projection of my voice, my eye contact, and my posture. This change has been a lasting one! It is truly the best investment you will ever make.

John Furlong – President Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Bid

Presentation Coaching & Team Coaching
“Geoffrey Lane was an enormous asset to the 2010 Winter Olympic Bid in the critical presentation in Prague. He brought a real sense of passion to our team, he helped our team increase our confidence level, and he helped us find the words that allowed us to deliver the message in a more powerful and passionate way.”

Patrick Courval Portfolio Manager - Equities CN Investment

Leadership Coaching
I had the privilege of having Geoffrey as my leadership coach. I believe that his advice helped me improve my leadership by discovering new management skills. I encourage anyone wanting to improve their leadership and management skills to seek out his coaching.
Amy Moen

Amy Moen CSMP Principal HOK

Leadership Coaching
Geoffrey is a Sherpa — he provides a process and structure for a journey of self-discovery. His passion for helping others is palpable, inspirational and energizing. Geoffrey’s quiet presence, calm strength and deep wisdom provide a safe backdrop to explore grow and lead.

Jonni Johnston CPSM CEO, Rockit Strategy

The wonderful thing about Geoffrey is he doesn’t just impact your professional life, he affects all facets. He is your best professor, your greatest mentor, 3 people you’d invite to your dinner party, Yoda, Charlie Chaplin and the Dali Lama – all wrapped in one!

Dan Haygeman MA Professional Coach

I’d like to take a moment to thank you for facilitating experience that has had a huge and growing impact upon my life. You took personal risks to confront a strategy I had been using for twenty years, (to give the appearance of forward movement without commitment). The process you facilitate is an excellent one. The way you facilitate is magical.


Why People Fear Authenticity!

Why People Fear Authenticity!

According to Morneau Shepell’s Mental Health Index, 24 per cent of Canadians indicated that the pandemic has led them to reconsider their professional future and think about switching jobs. A time of enforced semi-isolation has created a space to think about life, your life – what do you want to do with it?

Human Leadership

Human Leadership

Human leadership can be the most powerful and influential force on the planet! Yet we continue to elect, select and promote the wrong sort of leader! President Trump is the leader of the US and yet as of today 22.8 Million Covid 19 cases and 375 thousand people have...

2021 Change?

2021 Change?

Authentic leadership is the superpower required to solve the climate crisis, racism, poverty, disease, species loss and so many other things.

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