The ZEN Way Program

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ZEN Way; gives everyone the tools, knowledge, support and power to change their life and change the world. By using meditation they learn how to manifest in their life, and how their thoughts, feelings, actions, and results are breathtakingly beautiful. This happiness can stimulate an even deeper passion that brings forth even more bountiful works of life and love. It is making sense of “ZEN” and being able to use it in your life.

What is ZEN WAY?

Provides a guided journey into self-awareness and a community to share knowledge, wisdom and experience. It is about knowing, loving and understanding ourselves in our continued journey into self-awareness. It is the evolution of Lifenergi™ which I have used for more than 14 years model for seminars, workshop and coaching.

How does ZEN WAY work?

At the start of each month there will be a webinar focused on a specific topic to inform, involve, inspire YOU. Designed to help you reflect upon and use to create the life you want. You will also receive weekly related information, research links and material. Attend the live video webinars & Q&As with Geoffrey, and please don’t worry if you miss it – we will save it in the membership page.

Program Topics

: : Health & Well Being: : Self Awareness : : Show Up : : Meditation : : Trust : : Mindfulness : : Ability : : ZEN : : Family Dynamics : : Risk : : Lifenergi : :  Integrity: :  Choices : : Communication Style : : Goals : : Commitments : : Stress Reduction : :  Relationships : : Defining Purpose : : Vision Building : : Personal Development : : Community : :

While leading programs at Context and UBC, I saw many people starting something and not finishing, we have taken the pressure off you, it is easy to join or leave.

If you feel that the ZEN WAY works for you, then stay, and learn and take from it as much as you can! We are here for you to support your self-development and personal path. The choice is always yours. I think that it is always worth trying. If something does not work for you, drop it. If you feel like it is not for you cancel your monthly membership, it is easy and if you decide you miss it or want more you can sign back up at any time.

Membership Investment

Your membership in the ZEN WAY program is $17 per month, and you can cancel anytime from your Account page. Renews automatically. Includes full access to the video library. You can request and get an annual membership at any time, and save money too. Join for the knowledge, and stay for the community.

The Zen WAY Program registration open on September 21st 2021 – I look forward to meeting you soon, Geoffrey