The Quest

Quest; some people are aware of their quest from an earliest memory, for others it stirs within their imagination, dreams and desires. Your quest now seeks and demands fulfillment as you grow curious and wiser. You’ve become passionate about it, reading, travelling, and searching for answers.

Most quests start at pivotal turning points in your life, often during times of transition. It can begin with a synchronicity, a reoccurring dream or pattern, an epiphany, followed by a desire to understand … to search in new avenues. Some quests are for personal truths, whiles others incorporate them with the greater myths of our reality. Some quest after ideas and ideals, shedding old paradigms that no longer work, such as religion, and seeing the truth behind the illusion about life and creation.

The quest generally begins with awareness of one’s psychological state, addictive patterns of behaviour and learning challenges, next seeking one or more healing modalities (from medication to holistic), seeking to create balance, becoming more psychic, then discovering your truth, your ultimate mission.

Once the quest has been begun, no ‘stone’ is left untouched until completed. The quest becomes a passion as your greater/greatest journey has begun, back to source, creation by thought consciousness.

The Quest offers a combination of brainstorming, knowledge sharing, education, peer accountability and support in a team setting;  to help you focus on your personal quest and development. It helps you and your fellow travellers deepen and explore your personal quest and rekindle your passion through purpose. The Quest is to support you to find creative ways to help others and to also allow you the freedom to do what you really love doing.

Who Is This For?

You have done a lot of personal work. You have led others in their work. You believe there is more to know, about yourself and the world. You are not bound by stereo types or ageism or gender bias – in fact you don’t care it’s not an issue for you! You are eternally curious and want to know more about…

: : Your Driving Needs : : How To Meditate : : Self Trust : : Mindfulness : : Deeper Understanding ZEN : : Family Dynamics : : Risk : : Lifenergi : :  Integrity: :  Choices : : Communication Style : : Goals : : Commitments : : Stress Reduction : :  Relationships : : Defining Your Purpose : : Vision Building : : Personal Development : : Community : :

If what you read intrigues you perhaps this is for you.

Fellow Seekers

Searching for understanding has always driven those looking for personal truth. If you are lucky, you may find someone, or several other souls, on the same quest, share experiences, no matter how long these friendships (relationships) last. If you are reading this, your quest has begun.

A Quest requires commitment, confidentiality, willingness to both give and receive advice and ideas, and support each other with total honesty, respect, and compassion. act as catalysts for growth, devil’s advocates, and support. This is the essence and joy of being in the company of fellow seekers – one for all – all for one.

Each meeting has an agenda so that conversations stay on course. Your guide is tasked with making sure that conversations are deep and balanced, and that the meeting agenda items are covered in the time allotted.

You have done lot’s of personal work and yet want to continue, but not alone, you have ideas, experience you wish to share from your journey.  You want direct and supportive feedback from those who are on a similar journey? You are looking for fellow travellers to share creativity, and support.

Program Cost

Everyone has an interview before joining a team, this is insure that each team members reflects its unique purpose. Your membership in the Warriors Journey is for a 6 month commitment, this is to ensure great results. We have four Quest meetings per month ($250) this is a six month commitment. You can request and get an annual membership at any time. Join for the knowledge, results, and support, stay for the community.

The next Quest will start when we have a new team of fellow travellers. – I look forward to meeting you soon, Geoffrey