The Human Touch

In today’s business world, we communicate all the time by using email, voicemail and through social media websites. Because of the hassles of airport security, the expense of airline tickets, hotels and travel away from the office, it can be discouraging to go meet a client face2face. Especially when I can email and market my services and products from the comfort of the office, and not incur the expense or stress of travel.

Even for critical business meetings like we sometimes forgo opportunities to do it in person. That can reduce your odds of success, increase your success authentically by meeting Face2Face.


A by-product of today’s complex and culturally diverse business environment is the potential for conflict and misunderstanding, and the resulting confusion and all of the high costs associated with it. And yet cultural diversity can bring creativity, growth and a global awareness that is a great benefit for business today.

In today’s highly charged work environment, it is possible you will spend more time with your clients and your team than with your family. This is where communications must work. So, why go and meet people, face2face to communicate? Because it works!

Top 10 Benefits

The following is a list of the reasons I believe support having face-to-face meetings. You may wish to tick off the reasons that ring truest and most useful to you – and then use them to persuade clients to have a face-to-face meeting, featuring you!

  1. Discover new revenue opportunities and make unexpected connections.
  2. Greater buy-in and trust exist when you meet in person.
  3. Experience a change of environment, which influences and changes your thought process.
  4. Face-to-face focuses attention over creating optimal connection.
  5. It is quicker and cheaper to achieve consensus and build future agreements.
  6. Prevents time and money being spent on damage control.
  7. Creating leadership commitment from people for projects and actions is greater.
  8. Allows for a creative solution finding and business development.
  9. It’s harder to say no to someone face-to-face.
  10. Body language can be interpreted more accurately in a face-to-face meeting.

Go meet someone, discover who they are, listen for what works for them. You will be surprised at the power of making the  connection in person.

Always Show Up