I have coached CEO’s, leaders, architects, engineers, public speakers and entrepreneurs: Here is a small collection of success stories from the different areas of my background as an executive coach and presentation coach.

In the 25 years coaching experience I led teams for the 2010 Winter Olympic Bid, CN Financial Division, Shaw, Rocky Mountaineer, Sandwell Engineering, FKP Architects, Rogers, Telus and Stantec.

As a facilitator I have worked with and provided training for: The Pursuit of Excellence Canada, BC Housing, London Drugs, Leadership Vancouver, Tourism Vancouver and Victoria. I also wrote and taught Presentation Power at the Sauder School of Business, Executive Education, at the University of British Columbia.

Jonni Johnston. CPSM - CEO & Chief Inspirer, Rockit Strategy

The wonderful thing about Geoffrey is he doesn’t just impact your professional life he affects all facets.  He is your best professor, your greatest mentor, 3 people you’d invite to your dinner party, Yoda, Charlie Chaplin and the Dali Lama – all wrapped in one!

Dan Haygeman. MA - Professional Coach - The Williams Group

I’d like to take a moment to thank you for facilitating my retreat, the experience has had a huge and growing impact upon my life. You took personal risks to confront a strategy I had been using for twenty years, (to give the appearance of forward movement without commitment). The process you facilitate is an excellent one. The way you facilitate is magical.


Jason Parker. Founder & Facilitator - Centrix

I took your Power Presentation workshop and one of the greatest learning’s I was able to take away from your course was to “show up”.  This idea of “showing up” gave me the freedom to be ME while presenting.  The relaxed state I now have because of your advice is second to none.  Thank you so very much for your knowledge, coaching, and time.

John Furlong. President - Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Bid

“Geoffrey Lane was an enormous asset to the 2010 Winter Olympic Bid in the critical presentation in Prague. He brought a real sense of passion to our team, he helped our team increase our confidence level, and he helped us find the words that allowed us to deliver the message in a more powerful and passionate way.”

Patrick Courval. Portfolio Manager - Asia/Pacific Equities - CN Investment Division

I had the privilege of having Geoffrey as my leadership coach.  I believe that his advice helped me improve my leadership by discovering new management skills. I encourage anyone wanting to improve their leadership and management skills to seek out his coaching.

Michael Oliver. President & Founder - Natural Selling

As it turned out ” Showing Up” has been the most wonderful gift to discover. My feedback forms also confirm this. The word authenticity comes up repeatedly. As you pointed out, strategies and techniques have little meaning without the real person in front of the message! Thanks for helping me get in touch with myself and for passing on the gift on!

Amy Moen. CSMP - Principal HOK

“Geoffrey is a Sherpa — he provides a process and structure for a journey of self-discovery. His passion for helping others is palpable, inspirational and energizing. Geoffrey’s quiet presence, calm strength and deep wisdom provide a safe backdrop to explore grow and lead.

Diane R. K. Osan. FAIA ACHA - Senior Principal FKP

Working with Geoffrey, he was able to establish a deep bond with each participant that created implicit trust, harnessing our energy and willingness to take his direction and counsel. Most importantly, he was able to emotionally transform us to fully speak from our hearts in a way that showed our strongest passions….

Randy Mouflier. Senior Manager - Rogers Communications

Geoffrey was instrumental in contributing to my career growth in management. I participated in his communication and public speaking (Presentation Power) program which helped me immensely. He is a leader in the field of communications, presentation skills and what makes people tick. He’s a master of his craft.”


Katherine Bright. Assistant Dean & Executive Director - Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia

“Geoffrey worked with UBC Executive Education at the Sauder School of Business as an instructor in 2 different programs: Presentation Power™ and Sales Talk. Geoffrey’s seminars were consistently highly rated and thoroughly enjoyed. Geoffrey’s programs were consistently sold out.”

Karen Grey. Graduate Manager - Pursuit of Excellence.

Geoffrey has a strong presence he is totally himself and high level of integrity with the material he presents. A dry British sense of humour is inviting and charming. He establishes trust and rapport, builds a strong relationship with his audience. His use of metaphors and word paint a vision or picture in such a way that, he captivates and inspires.

Karen McGregor. Professional Speaker

Presentation Power; It helped me establish a level of confidence I have never experienced before. It was a sudden, dramatic shift in the energy and projection of my voice, my eye contact, and my posture. This change has been a lasting one! It is truly the best investment you will ever make.

Clint Mahlman. President - London Drugs Limited Canada

Geoffrey was able to put forth his message in ways that made our people completely at ease, while at the same time leaving the participants with a greater sense of team. ‘Inspiring’ ‘Incredible depth of knowledge’ ‘made me feel completely at ease while learning’ … are just some of the comments London Drugs Limited have heard.”

Hope Tagesan. Marketing Specialist

executive business coaching

Your program showed me myself again and taught me how to harness my own strength to achieve my goals. Geoffrey is a true leader that doesn’t do it for you, but guides you to learn it for yourself.”
“The Lifenergi program walks you down the path of your life so you can learn how you got to where you are, and helps guide you forward to where you want to go. Geoffrey offers guidance and support as you journey towards your goals and dreams.”


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