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The Trump’s Playbook

It’s well known that emotions motivate. A tyrant and bully use’s fear to motivate, which works as long as the fear continues to be escalated. The fear doesn’t even need to be real – our brains don’t know the difference. When you are scared, facts (what’s real) doesn’t matter....

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Pelosi Defeats Trump

Everybody has a character flaw and Trumps are on full view. The flaw isn’t the whole person, but it captures what’s wrong with him. Trump is egotistical, narcissistic, insecure, and petulant, these traits are his downfall. Those are four traits that are difficult to imagine in a president. If...

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Age = Attitude

The last time I wrote I was going away to school, actually to Inspired Outcomes in Guelph Ontario to take NLP practitioners course from Allen and Tara Kanerva. When I first came across NLP it was at the hands of Tony Robbins when I was learning how to assist...

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Who Challenges You?

In my blog Creative Tension I discussed how dynamic creative tension is necessary for creating the life you want. I told you that one of the best ways to generate that tension is having people in your life, who will challenge you, respect. The path to success and self-awareness...

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Live & Online Training

Humans have in transferring knowledge to each other since the beginning of time, it’s has allowed us to grow and develop our society, knowledge and technology. From sharing knowledge face-to-face, to the development of a designated teacher or wise person. When society grew the next development was a classroom...

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