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Presentation Coaching & Transformation

“Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes” Hugh Prather

Imagine you are hanging from your finger-tips. You’re tiring and there are sharp rocks below. It feels rational to hang on for as long as you can. Your grip is slipping! Being told to “let go” only makes things feel worse.

Maybe you need a coach to help with the climb, I can help! I have been there and coached others through it!

Leadership was once a quiet skill, today it is very public. Becoming a powerful speaker and communicator is an essential skill in leadership today, it is media driven world.

The Audience is no longer passive; they have become, co-creators. Leaders must communicate so they pull the audience into an ongoing relationship. For leaders, it is critical to be flexible and have powerful communication skills. Essential skills of modern leadership; engaging and empowering teams to create results.

You need to enable others to create value around a shared purpose. The future lies in creating diverse ecosystems and business platforms. The power to communicate has never been as important!

It is a skill and can be learnt, it takes commitment and great coach. My life’s passion is helping people express themselves powerfully, with passion and purpose.  Nothing happens until communication begins; Great ideas have no impact until they are given voice, your voice. GXL


Presentation Mastery™NLP

4 Day Intensive Workshop

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” - Nelson Mandela


Make no mistake: If you want to be considered a leader in your field or achieve something meaningful in your life... if you want to get your message out to prospective clients... if you want to be successful in your new career and get your income soaring... if you want to make a true lasting impression - you're going to have to learn how to address issues of facilitation, training and communication in an integrated fashion.

And yet most people don't take the time to develop their speaking capacity or authenticity and it may be costing them more than they realize. Your credibility factor, your professional pedigree, your presence who you are and what you stand for, your reputation, how you represent yourself. Only through authenticity can you earn the respect and trust of your listeners. Without it, people are likely to doubt you and your services or to take your seriously.

I am dedicated to helping you become the most effective presenter you can be.


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I love training and coaching people to become powerful public speakers: it allows me to help them create what they want. By using my experience, failures, success, and discoveries I have developed a system to help YOU become a confident, powerful, inspiring public speaker -- and much, much faster and easier than it took me.

I can help YOU tell your story!

The spoken word has the POWER to transform, influence, inspire and persuade. Nothing happens until communication begins. Great ideas have no impact until they are given voice. Your voice to deliver your message with impact.

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