The Quest

$250.00 / month

Program Investment

The Quest: Monthly payment of $250 + TAX

Everyone has an interview before joining a team, this is include in the costs. This Renews automatically every month.

You can request and get an annual membership at any time, and save money too. Join for the knowledge, results, and support, stay for the community. Your Quest journey is the first step toward a more effective satisfying life.  Learn practical techniques and tools to use immediately and shift your context in ways that last a lifetime.  It is for the committed and determined of the road less travelled.



The Quest offers a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting;  to help you focus on your personal development. It helps you and your fellow travellers deepen and explore your personal quest and rekindle your passion through purpose. The Quest is to support you to find creative ways to help others and to also allow you the freedom to do what you really love doing.

Who Is This For?

You have done a lot of personal work. You have led others in their work. You believe there is more to know, about yourself and the world. You are not bound by stereo types or ageism or gender bias – in fact you don’t care it’s not an issue for you! You are eternally curious and want to know more about…

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