The LIFENERGI™ Workshop

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Will YOU Benefit From the LIFENERGI™ workshop?

How Can It Help Me?

  • Learn To: Clarify your vision and what really matters to you—in life, work, relationships…
  • Make successful transitions, live your life with less stress.
  • Handle change with ease know how it fits in you life and purpose.
  • Downsize to a simpler, yet richer, more meaningful and flourishing life.
  • Organize your life to support a creative passion like art, writing, photography.
  • Turn on your creative energy and finally write that book, get fit and healthy, build that cabin, upload those songs you wrote, turn the guest room in a yoga/workout room …

People who making life changing decisions and are prepared to take action or people in process of deciding something or of resolving a question career, new business development – the more you know yourself the better decisions and choices you can make. Emerging Leaders – learning to ‘show up’ and lead, ongoing personal development of leadership skills and knowledge – the more you know yourself the better leader you become. Business – all of the above, development of leadership skills and knowledge of ‘how to use’ them.

Your journey begins with you understanding your purpose and mission; so, you can inspire and motivate everyone. You develop and articulate your desire as a leader. The result is a new pinnacle/level that is well within reach. I am committed to your success, Geoffrey

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The LIFENERGI™ Workshop September 22nd 2020

The 7 modules that define and give structure to the workshop are merely the pathway to creating the life you say you want. It takes devotion, energy, self-exploration and work to create the life you desire.

1. It’s Not Luck, its knowledge and passion that fuels success. 2. Show Up! being authentic, living with no masks creates amazing relationships and results. 3. Your Story! Learning how you story inform both your success and failures. 4. What’s My Purpose? Define your life purpose with clarity and strength. 5. My Mission! Now that you know your purpose learn how to apply it in real life. 6. A Passionate Life! Learn what it takes to apply your new found self-knowledge. 7. Getting To Work! The final steps to living your authentic life.

“Every man builds his world in his own image. He has the power to choose, but no power to escape the necessity of choice.” – Ayn Rand, philosopher


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