An 8 week life coaching program, one on one with the author of LIFENERGI – Geoffrey X. Lane.

My coaching is a unique combination of powerful self-awareness and coaching, all based on the latest neuroscience, timeless human wisdom, and universal laws of nature. It is time to stop being afraid of your dreams don’t let fear stop you from creating the life you want!

My coaching is based upon the belief that you are whole and complete, resourceful and creative. As your coach I am your partner who provides support, insight, tools and strategies to help make a lasting difference.



LIFENERGI life coaching is a unique combination of powerful self-discovery techniques and personalized coaching all based on the latest neuroscience, human experience, and the universal laws of nature. Understanding and self-awareness shows you how your thoughts, feelings and actions intersect to create the world you live in. Developing self-awareness is the key to creating transformational change. “It is evolution NOT revolution!”

LIFERNERGI coaching you will learn to:

  • Define the life you want to create
  • How to actually get the work done
  • Uncover your purpose and mission in life
  • Face changes in your life with confidence
  • Learn new things about yourself to make progress
  • Discover a new sense of energy – LIFENERGI
  • Hear fresh insights – invaluable feedback for new ideas
  • Get experienced coaching

It Is “A Process – Not An Event”

Like any process, results do not come overnight, many assume that the LIFENERGI program is a quick fix, instead it is about a process of making lasting change for YOUR life! I’ve witnessed transformations in my clients.  They’ve made career and personal dreams come true.  I want to see this happen for your too. To setup your one on one with me click on the link below, I look forward to meeting you soon, Geoffrey



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