Show UP!

There are many books written, courses offered on presentation skills and even more training programs that you can attend. Most focus upon style and technique, which are important skills to learn when becoming a public speaker.

Show UP! Focuses upon ‘you’ the real person, the authentic person and how to Show UP!

Put Your Real Self Forward

Do you have something important to say to the world—a new idea, product, passion, or program? Want to get people on board to help you with your Calling—or do you want to make a splash at your company retreat? It will show you how using the same principles and techniques developed for training leaders.

Show UP! Self-awareness and mindfulness is the foundation of achievement. By offering you the opportunity to make actual presentations and receive supportive, honest feedback.

This will help you break through your image of what you are ‘supposed to be like’ as a presenter and helps you use who you really are as a person to make a truthful connection with your audience.

In addition to basic presentation techniques, you will learn how to use your personality to your advantage, become more alive in the moment, and respond effectively to questions—whether you are presenting to one person or thousands.

  • Learn by doing—make real presentations and get expert feedback.
  • Connect more deeply and powerfully with your audience.
  • Gain confidence and become more persuasive.

And YES, we also cover all of the different aspects that make up a speech, writing, researching, and delivering a presentation.

Key Benefits

  1. Be yourself when speaking.
  2. Have fun & get great results.
  3. Have people listen. Have people act
  4. Stop shaking. No more sweaty palms.
  5. Learn the Archer model to stay on track
  6. Give effective impromptu presentations
  7. Develop your own unique speaking style
  8. Project credibility, believability, and self-confidence

Turn your fear into power –

Overcome the fear of public speaking

We have proven results. It works and we make it easy to people to excel.  We provide innovative and creative solutions. We lead by example. Respectful, professional, and personable, and it is fun. We handle difficult situations with ease. We act respectfully and with confidentially. We are trustworthy. We do what we say we can do. We are authentic.

Who is this for?

  1. Authors, facilitators & public Speakers
  2. Entrepreneurs, self-employed (SOHO)
  3. Corporate or professionals who need to speak
  4. Toastmaster’s clubs
  5. Creating, owning, or managing an online company
  6. Students and those just entering the workforce

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