Presentation Power

presentation coachingEverything Has Changed

We now give virtual presentations, company podcasts and we still give public presentations!

The audience has changed. They’re busy, educated and have more access to information than ever before. They carefully select who and what they listen to. They are looking for articulate, well researched, accurate and usable information presented authentically – no BS. In this time-pressured busy world, having a specific model for designing and scripting good presentations is a must, not only for peace of mind of the presenter but also for the audience.

Presentation coaching will help you unlock, release and tap into your authentic self-expression. Your ability to get your message across to connect with your listener is key. Words are only part of the messages we send to each other. Emotion and intent, carried and amplified by body language, get amplified with the sound of the human voice.

When I ‘SHOW UP’ in person, I can be myself. When I show up, I am heard in a very different way – a way that starts to build the relationship and deepen the understanding between listener and speaker. This creates an opportunity for a genuine exchange to take place. Presentation Power coaching will give you the core tools and experience you require to master your communication skills..

Unlike any other course, class or seminar you could take, this will completely change the way you think about the art and science of communications, virtual presentations and speaking to a group. You may actually lose your fears of speaking up. Your audience will find you more interesting, more engaging and more entertaining. You will discover that it is considerably easier to look and sound great than the way you’re doing it now.

Best of all, you will see how easily you can establish immediate rapport with your listener and forever handle your old fears and nervousness in any environment, online or one to one with your boss or public speaking.

4 weeks Intensive Individual Presentation Coaching

Nothing will speed up your progress as a speaker like private coaching. When you get an uninterrupted, in-depth period to receive specific feedback and encouragement, you make great leaps towards professionalism and excellence as a presenter. A private coaching session will help you: Identify or clarify the essence of your message. Learn how to write and tell stories that bring your point home to people. Train your mind to turn performance anxiety into performance confidence.

Presentation skills are built over time, coaching provides you with the on-going support to rapidly improve and to increase your confidence.  There is nothing more powerful than witnessing your own progress to build the confidence you needs to stand in front of a crowd, or give a virtual presentation or to speak up during a meeting. Watching yourself grow also motivates you to keep going. You will have fun and get great results.


  • Channel your nervous tension into positive authentic energy
  • Organize your ideas and material for maximum impact
  • Project credibility, increase your self-confidence
  • Be authentic be natural and at ease.
  • Learn to give a ‘Virtual’ presentation being informal, spontaneous & conversational
  • Respond with confidence to questions from your audience.
  • Hold your own at any virtual meeting or conference
  • Get a groups attention, hold their interest, establish rapport and persuade them

My presentation coaching is about helping you become a more expressive and powerful in alignment with your deepest values and principles.  My coaching is based upon the belief that you are whole and complete, resourceful and creative. As your coach I am your partner who provides support, insight, tools and strategies to help make a lasting difference.

Let’s connect and see if we are a good fit for each other, click on the button below and start your first step to reaching your goal. How do you want to reach out and connect with me: email or phone?