Presentation Power 2 day workshop

Geoffrey X Lane

Become a powerful speaker!

Why Attend?

Public speaking is not a gift to be enjoyed by the privileged few it is an essential skill for modern life and key attribute for your personal success.

Imagine yourself as a public speaker stunning people with charismatic, well delivered presentations. Imagine your audience enjoying your presentation mesmerized by your style and wanting to share everything you said with their friends.

Benefits of Presentation Power

Learn how to:
Channel your nervous tension into positive energy that puts you in control and keeps you there. Those listening to you will find you more interesting, more engaging and more entertaining.

Organize your ideas and material for maximum impact, and present them with power, clarity and purpose. Project with credibility, and increase your self confidence, while being natural and at ease.
Get a group’s attention and hold it. Develop a more informal, authentic, spontaneous and conversational style.

Use your voice expressively and with authority, reinforcing your message with appropriate body language. Hold your own at any meeting or conference, thereby improving your status within your organization.

Some questions to help you decide…

Would you like to:
Have more clarity and power. Have more impact upon your audience. Have more confidence when you speak

Would you like less:
Stage fright and stress
Anxiety and confusion the night before. Less fear of public speaking

Would you like more:
Applause after your speech
Speech training and knowledge, practical experience speaking

You can in this highly effective and rewarding workshop. You will achieve a significant and permanent improvement in your speaking ability and personal confidence.

Learn how to motivate, persuade and make things happen in your professional and personal life!

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The Presentation Power 2 day workshop has earned a reputation for delivering solid results, using creative methods. This winning formula works because of the passion, experience, dedication and unique quality of each of us. As we have grown, we have assembled an eclectic set of talents and minds in order to provide extraordinary value for those we have the privilege to serve.

I’d Love To Hear From You

I love training people to become public speakers, as it allows me to help them create what they want. Using my experience, the failures, the success, discoveries, and trials I have discovered how to help you become a confident, powerful, inspiring public speaker — and much, much faster, and easier than it took me.






Here the topics covered in the workshop and by questions and answers at the end of each session we often go much deeper.

Essentials of Effective Communication

  • Learning to listen.
    Communicating and presenting vs. lecturing and “speechifying”.
  • Barriers to effective communication. How to tell a story.

Making an Impact with Non-Verbal Communication

  • Making eye contact with audience members.
    The power of using gesture and facial expressions.
    Using breathing, modulating, projecting. and using your voice naturally.
  • Hitting the right emotional cues:
    Presenting with passion and sincerity

Building Confidence and Comfort

  • Overcoming fear and the physical symptoms of anxiety.
  • Developing your own authentic personal style.
    Avoiding common mistakes and clichés.
    How to use metaphors, anecdotes, and humour.

Preparation, Practice and Delivery

  • Identifying your objective
    Deciding on visuals
    Researching and gathering supporting material
    Designing and scripting your presentation
    Powerful tips for effective practice
    Pacing your presentation and when to use silence.
  • How to close your presentation
    Leaving a lasting impression

Engaging your Audience

  • Researching your audience, (needs and expectations).
  • Adapting your presentation to meet their needs
    Engaging their attention and interest.
    Informing, persuading, and motivating your audience.
  • Responding to questions

Public Speaking With A Business Focus

Business presentations and sales rank high on almost everyone’s list of greatest fears. Yet in today’s business world we make presentations all the time: staff meetings, planning sessions, outside agencies, special interest groups, board meetings, unions — that is before we even get to the customer!

The market place and client is competitive, constantly changing. The customer is busy, educated, and has more access to information than ever before. They carefully select who and what they listen to. They are looking for professional, well researched, accurate, and usable information that is presented professionally. In this time-pressured, competitive world, having a specific proven model for delivering and scripting customer-based presentations is essential, not only for the peace of mind of the presenter but also for continued success.

“There are two ways to persuade people. The first is by using conventional rhetoric, which is what most executives are trained in. That’s not good enough, because people are not inspired to act by reason alone. The other way to persuade people and ultimately a much more powerful way is by uniting an idea with an emotion. The best way to do that is by telling a compelling story” Ms. B.. Fryer, Senior Editor at Harvard Business Review

What we do is help people present their unique story with clarity and power.

Our focus is to help you tell your authentic unique story to the world, through direct coaching of you and/or your team for long-term growth in the years ahead using our tested and proven training methodologies.

We can help you get the results you want.

With our proven results and methodology, we can help you deliver your message in a powerful articulate way. So that you can tell your story, your team members are all on the same page, and you gain the trust of your audience, resulting in the development of more business opportunities.

Why choose us to help you?

Having designed and led public speaking workshops for more than 25 years we have proven strategies and results. We are passionate advocates for the power of authentic self-expression and communication. We believe everyone can express their ideas and concepts with clarity and power. We have proven results and methodology. Your listener will walk away with enhanced awareness of your unique and powerful story.

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We can help you get the results you want.