Presentation Power

Increase Your Ability To Persuade And Influence Others

The Presentation Power seminar will give you the core tools and skills you require to master leadership presentation techniques. You will gain awareness of your unique personal style, learn how to focus on your strengths and turn your liabilities into abilities.

You will learn to channel your nervous tension into positive energy that puts you in control and keeps you there. In other words, those listening to you will and you more interesting, more engaging and more entertaining.

You will develop the core presentation skills required to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

Experience why Geoffrey was hired to enhance already powerful presentation teams, helping them win over 350 million dollars in contracts.

Learn from one of Canada’s leading communications and presentation coaches.

Benefits of Attending

  • Increasing your ability to influence others and get results
  • Channel your nervous tension into positive energy that puts you in control
  • Organize your ideas and material for maximum impact
  • Present with power, clarity and purpose
  • Respond to questions with confidence
  • Project with credibility, increase your self-confidence
  • Develop a more ‘natural’, informal and spontaneous conversational style
  • Use your voice expressively with authority
  • Hold you own at any meeting or conference, improving your status within the organization
  • Get a group’s attention, establish rapport and persuade them to do what you want

Seminar Topics

  • Communication essentials; listening, communicating vs. lecturing
  • Non-verbal communications; eye-contact, gesture and facial expression
  • Projecting confidence, presenting with passion and power
  • Building confidence; overcoming anxiety, developing your personal ‘style’
  • Avoid the 13 common ‘killer’ mistakes
  • Identifying your objectives, gathering materials to support them
  • Designing and scripting the presentation
  • Persuasion, performance, pacing and motivation
  • Engaging your audience; understanding and getting their attention

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