The Essentials!

leadership development program

Will you be ready when you are called to speak?

Learn How To;

The Essentials workshop will give you the core tools and skills you need for giving presentation and give you access to special speaking techniques.

By interacting with the facilitator, learn how to create your own presentation. Learn by doing and get great results. Gain awareness of your unique and personal style, and how to use it in your presentation. Learn how to focus on your strengths and turn your liabilities into abilities. Turn fear into personal power.

Learn how to:
Channel your nervous tension into positive energy that puts you in control and keeps you there. Those listening to you will find you more interesting, more engaging, and more entertaining. Organize your ideas and material for maximum impact, and present them with power, clarity, and purpose.

Project with credibility, increase your self-confidence, and appear natural and at ease. Get a group’s attention and hold it. Develop a more informal, spontaneous conversational style which works online and in modern online presentations. Use your voice expressively and with authority, reinforcing your message with appropriate body language. Hold your own at meetings improving your status.

Online & Easy

Our online training allows YOU to be in different time zones and geographic locations and still participate simultaneously. It is based upon Internet access, bandwidth, and computer equipment.

This means ultimate convenience, from anywhere, anytime, if there is an Internet connection and a laptop e.g., airports, home, hotel, office, at lunch hours, early morning, end of day. YOU don’t travel, this avoids active time out of the office, delays, expensive flights, hotel, and food costs. This means less stress for YOU – no accounting or travel reports.

If YOU are unable to attend a specific event, YOU can login later and review the recorded training session, add YOUR own comments or questions.

This flexibility encourages the participation of all registered participants, ensuring a better return on your ‘training and education’ investment. The sense of community and cohesiveness is enhanced through collaboration within the training program.

The Essentials…

The key to getting what you want from the workshop is full participation, asking questions, doing the exercises even if they feel difficult. Success comes from full participation! 

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