The Presentation Power NLP Workshop

Will give you the core tools and essential skills you require to master your presentation techniques. We coach and train people in the art and science of presentations, including story development, graphics design, delivery skills, and how to handle tough questions. The Presentation Power NLP Workshop will show you how to transform your presentations from dry facts and information overload into compelling stories with a laser-sharp focus on what matters most: what is in it for the audience. You will learn how to use graphics to support your story, not bury it, and ways to keep your presentation fresh, no matter how often you present.

Your personal success depends on your ability to communicate your thoughts, feelings, and ideas with clarity and passion! I am dedicated to helping you become the most effective presenter you can be.

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“The human brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops… until you stand up to speak in public.” George Jessel

1 Million Presentations Will Be Given Today!

 Millions will fail, because of the presenter. Millions more will be received with yawns, judged as uninteresting and boring. Just a few will connect where both the presenter and audience understand each other: perfectly in sync; discovering common ground and, together, deciding to act. In those few presentations, public speaking becomes a powerful tool for positive change.

A Public Speaking Skills Workshop For Business People…

Unlike any other course, class or seminar you could take, the Impact Workshop will completely change the way you think about the art of speaking to a group. If you are like the vast majority of our ‘graduates’, you will emerge from the training with such a thorough understanding and grasp of the skills needed to speak like an expert that you will wonder why you have been working so hard for so long. You will discover that its considerably easier to look and sound great, than the way you’re doing it now. Believe it or not, you will actually be looking forward to your next presentation!

Benefits from attending:

  1. Have fun. Get great results.
  2. Have people listen. Have people take action.
  3. Stop shaking. No more sweaty palms.
  4. Learn the dynamic Archer model to stay on track.
  5. Give effective impromptu presentations
  6. Develop your own individual speaking style
  7. Project credibility, believability and increase confidence

Frankly, we turn old-school presentations skills training on its head!

Forget everything you’ve heard from your public speaking education about eye-contact, body language, and voice – it’s likely either old-school, or just plain wrong.

In these very entertaining, interactive sessions, you will see and hear for yourself what has been imprisoning the excellent presenter inside you, and how you can finally break free of the common chains that have limited the advancement abilities of most business people for generations.

Participants come away from this workshop knowing exactly why each of the behaviours they employ when speaking causes a specific physiological and practical result, and how by modifying those behaviours, they can change the way their bodies and minds respond. We don’t use pep talks. You will learn that although you can’t change the way your body responds to certain stimuli, you can certainly change the behaviours that create the stimuli in the first place.

Turn Your Fear Into Power

This one new skill alone will immediately make a difference in your business results. You’ll see measurable gains in better communication, enhanced company image, improved closing ratios, and greater comprehension of your ideas. Instead of forcing everybody to be the same, we help people to discover and deliver presentations in [their] own authentic voice.

It is designed for people who want to stand out from the crowd.

It is also for the proactive individuals who are willing to step forward and make things happen. It is for those who need or want to become successful.  It is also for those who because of leadership and responsibility, must step forward. You will capture and take home completely new insights into the public speaking arts of gesturing, inflection and eye-contact that you simply can’t get from any presentation skills book.

Best of all, you will see how easily you can establish immediate rapport with your audience and forever handle your old fears and nervousness in any public speaking environment.

Our Impact Workshop will empower you to:

  • Defeat your natural public speaking fears
  • Create a sincere rapport with your audience
  • Develop, organize, and create a presentation design for any occasion
  • Use stage presence, gestures and breath for maximum effect
  • Save endless hours of preparation before your next presentation
  • Handle and profit from tough questions
  • Use presentation skills to turn “speech” into “conversation”
  • Use public speaking humour effectively



No Matter What Industry You Are In

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Hone your presentation skills, develop effective stage skills, and learn how to be persuasive. All in a very short period of time!

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I love training and coaching people to become powerful public speakers: it allows me to help them create what they want. By using my experience, failures, success, and discoveries I have developed a system to help YOU become a confident, powerful, inspiring public speaker — and much, much faster and easier than it took me.

I can help YOU tell your story!

The spoken word has the POWER to transform, influence, inspire and persuade. Nothing happens until communication begins. Great ideas have no impact until they are given voice. Your voice to deliver your message with impact.

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