Presentation Mastery™: NLP Workshop

Presentation Mastery™: NLP

“If you can’t write your message in a sentence, you can’t say it in an hour” – Dianna Booher

Imagine yourself as a public speaker stunning people with charismatic, well delivered presentations. Imagine your audience enjoying your presentation mesmerized by your authentic style and wanting to share everything you said with their friends. 

Public speaking is not a skill just to be enjoyed by the privileged few; it is an essential skill for modern leaders and the key to your professional success.

Presentation Mastery is about learning how to utilize Cognitive Psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programming to design and deliver first class presentations. You will be able to use your new skills to design and deliver charismatic speeches, lead powerful meetings and training sessions. This will enhance the experience for your listeners and participants, creating a positive and memorable encounter with you.

Three Powerful Elements that make up Presentation Mastery NLP


  • How to develop rapid group rapport with large and small audiences for you as a presenter to have total attention of the group
  • Identifying informal group leaders and utilising the natural influence they have with other members of the group
  • Pacing and leading the conscious and unconscious mind of audience members building individual and group responsiveness
  • How to answer difficult questions with rapport enhancing your credibility
  • How to quickly read an audience so you can maximise the effect of your message
  • Understanding how groups, sub-groups and individuals relate to each other to accentuate group rapport and create a harmonious learning environment

AUTHENTICITY: Self Awareness – Charismatic Public Speaking

  • Create your optimal Authentic State for engaging any audience with confidence
  • Absolute certainty on stage and break any fears connected with public speaking
  • Developing a high level of self-awareness as a speaker, be tuned into all feedback
  • Learn “3W” as a mechanism for self-feedback for continual self-improvement

The effective use of physiology & tonality to create charisma

  • Utilising different postures for different steps in the presentation sequence making it easy for the learner to experience the distinct types of content in your presentation
  • The distinctive tonalities anchored to visual, auditory and kinaesthetic language to create heightened charisma in your style and versatile learning experience in the group
  • Tonal anchors to connect the unconscious minds of group members to the desired states inherent in your presentation
  • The hidden structure of charisma and the ultimate verbal rapport tool

Utilisation, maximising the interaction with the audience

  • How to transform interruptions into effective teaching points minimising the effect of the interruption and keeping your presentation on track
  • Recognising and answering the question behind the question, satisfying the deeper learning requirements of the questioner
  • Elegantly handling hecklers/troublemakers and get them on your side giving you a greater and more natural authority with the overall group
  • Designing charismatic presentations using multiple descriptions and connecting with the audience at a sensory level creating enhanced recollection


  • How to build dynamic presentation to maximise the interest in your ideas
  • Creating sessions that harness the conscious and unconscious mind of learners creating a lasting context shifting learning experience
  • Framing presentations to set the scene for conscious expectations
  • Delivering tailored sessions for unconscious learning and long-term behavioural change
  • Orchestrating sessions designed for the different learning styles, so all audience members feel included

Stage Craft

Involves using of direction, costume, lighting, set design, sound production, make- up, mask, puppetry, props and theatre technologies as required a structure or to realise dramatic potential of stimulus material.

A number of aspects of performing and preparation for a performance from simple to complex, such as appropriate dress and deportment to managing anxiety, programme planning and notes, communication (both verbal and musical), energy and emotional intensity, and movement and gestures.

Stage directions help facilitation as they rehearse the workshop/speech to move about on stage and behave as the author intended. Second, the stage directions serve as guidelines for the author/director to make the program/workshop delivered as he or she envisions it and to interpret the authors story/teaching as written.

Course style & design and learning formats

  • Deductive style training sessions when you want the attendees to walk away with explicit learnings, usually expressed linguistically
  • Inductive style learning when you want the participant to experience the learnings experientially, usually expressed in behaviour
  • The Presentation Power NLP format for presenting and training, a format that mirrors natural learning contexts, making it easier for participants to assimilate the content
  • Formatting the unconscious mind for learning, creating a framework for long term recall and integration

PERSUASION; Metaphors & Storytelling 

What is a Metaphor and why use them?

Metaphor is a description of life patterns, experiences or circumstances which uses unrelated examples to convey the message. Stories, poems and corporate mission statements are well known examples of metaphoric communication.

‘Deep metaphors’ are major organising principles that reflect the way that an individual or organisation perceives, lives and responds to their wider world.  The discovery, examination and replacement or refinement of the deep metaphors normally only glimpsed, yet which govern our lives

The specific strategies which we can use to identify or create the metaphors we need for specific purposes – such as influencing our bosses, spouses and children (assuming they are different) at the unconscious level – an extremely satisfying way of influencing important people in your life.

Learn how to design and implement living metaphors – dramatic actions that are so precise and compelling that they require no explanation or framing to have the consequences desired

  • To identify patterns and develop custom metaphors for the individual
  • To apply metaphor in different contexts
  • To create more functional underlying metaphors that apply to specific situations
  • To identify patterns on which to develop metaphoric intervention
  • To bring metaphoric change to organisations and individuals
  • To use metaphor to facilitate discovery.


A story does what facts and statistics never can: it inspires, and it motivates. Storytelling – it uses the emotive power of the human experience to bring your message to life.

Storytelling, (whether in a personal or organizational setting), connects people, develops creativity, and increases confidence. The use of stories in a workshop, coaching session or in speech can build descriptive capabilities, increase personal and organizational learning, convey complex meaning, and communicate common values and rule sets.

The Bottom Line?

Rapport, Authenticity and Persuasion. These three skills are essential for facilitation, public speaking and leadership development. This dynamic program will address issues of facilitation, training and communication in an integrated fashion. This will enable you to address the major challenge facing business and humanity today:

The Presentation Mastery training program builds on your existing knowledge of NLP, Cognitive Psychology, also drawing upon anthropology, philosophy and interdisciplinary research.

This approach: Enables you to address issues of communications sustainability in an integrated communications systems framework. Integrates NLP, Cognitive Psychology, and ethnocentricity to address human sustainability in a communications systems framework. This guarantees you receive hands-on experience in a field inside and outside your core discipline and experience.

Each program is limited to 10 students ONLY! This way you are guaranteed to receive the full benefits of the training experience and evaluation. The certification package will provide you or your trainers with the ability to administer and deliver training on the PPM system. When you complete the entire program; which consists of 5 days you will receive a Presentation Mastery Certificate.

Is “Presentation Mastery NLP” right for YOU?

  • If you feel yourself drawn to this work – then this is right for you!

  • If you see yourself on stage as a master speaker – then this right for you!

  • If you hear yourself leading your own workshop – then this is right for you!

  • If you are curious and want to learn – then this is right for you!

  • If you are still thinking about it, get into action – then this is right for you!

This new interdisciplinary program emphasizes the interactions among NLP and Cognitive Psychology knowledge cultures. This is important because these are critical ingredients to understanding changes in the interactions between people and their environment as part of a CP/NLP system.

In addition, you will draw on skills in NLP dynamics; this is an important driver of current and future changes. What’s more, communication across disciplines and with local communities, trainers, and leaders requires a sensitivity to, and respect for, different world-views.  All of these disciplines must be integrated to understand the properties of a CP/NLP.

How do I know I am ready for Presentation Mastery?

When; You know you are committed to being one of the leading facilitators, presenters, trainers or public speakers – then this is for YOU!

  • Are you a professional public speaker with more than 2 years experience?
  • Have you participated in a Presentation Power workshop?
  • Have you participated in NLP workshop?
  • Are you a full-time trainer or facilitator with more than 2 years experience?
  • Are you willing and able to devote yourself to 5 days of intensive training?

If you answered yes to one or more – you are ready!

How much to qualify for certification?

Take advantage of this onetime only package $5,000.00 (plus GST) total.

Your clients are desperate for YOUR leadership!

You will experience NLP dynamics; this is an important driver of current and future changes.  You will discover deeper aspects of philosophy; which plays a key role in the program. This creates a deeper understanding of important ethical issues related to the involvement of “objective science”, in solving communication and social problems and the recognition of cultural biases in addressing issues of resilience and adaptability. 

What’s more, you will become adept at communication across disciplines and with local communities, trainers, and leaders. This requires a sensitivity to, and respect for, different world-views.  All of these disciplines must be integrated to understand the properties of a CP/NLP. And it’s all yours!

That’s how you accomplish your goals and go on to be an effective leader and powerful facilitator. That’s how you get to be the best in your field!  Go for it! Your audience wants you. Book your seat here. Let’s put you on the road to great things TODAY!

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