Presentation Coach

Winning Team

My Purpose is on helping you win your business presentation. I am an experienced, skilled and winning presentation director using the proven techniques, knowledge, and skills of successful business presentations.

Would you like to immediately improve your win ratio? Improve your teams ability to deliver precise, informative, and persuasive presentations? When you hire me as your Presentation Consultant I know you will achieve a significant and permanent improvement in your teams speaking ability and personal confidence.  

How does Geoffrey help you win more?




As a presentation coach/consultant my purpose is to help you win! As a coach I have no bias or preconceived ideas or judgment’s or history to get in the way of winning the presentation competition.

I also will leave behind knowledge and confidence. I am focused on helping you win your business presentation!  As an experienced, skilled and winning presentation director I use my knowledge, techniques, and skills of successful presentations and public speaking. Motivating, and inspiring your team to give their best.

I lead the presentation creative process through team collaboration for the interview, while satisfying the requirements of the RFP. This includes the interview activity and editing the contributions and any Joint Venture Partners. Helping you assess ad motivate an effective Presentation Team.

  • Focusing the team on the key message required for a winning presentation.
  • Director of the interview & presentation structure.
  • Prepares and coaches your team for the vital presentation.

My focus is to bring the best out of your team and experts. My focus is to help you win.