Executive Coaching


If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

Fred DeVito

Is there a fire in you?

Or is there an ember waiting to burst into flames?

I believe it can be ignited, with the right coach! We have something in common; ­­­­­it is the ‘desire’ to succeed. Developing your ability to ‘Show Up’ increases your possibility of success, learning to use your innate charisma gives you an extra dimension that can propel you forward. What many successful people have always known is that if you want to maximize your potential then hire a successful coach.

Recently a client said to me ‘Coaching ought to be illegal as it is like a powerful performance enhancing drug’. As human beings are primarily emotional creatures, top-level coaches are experts working with your X Factor – helping the fires that burn within you to roar like a white-hot furnace. You can use coaching as a crucible – burning off the impurities in the furnace.

I know the flame of desire to succeed is the prerequisite for greatness. If YOU have the ‘embers’ of desire inside then let’s get to work. As a coach, I cannot create the flame, but I can help you fan your flame into a roaring success.

Many people will only accept the amount of coaching their egos will allow. They are under the illusion that they know – how can they be coached? To meet the challenge, you need to be open to coaching; the more open-minded you are, the more successful you will be. The great ones don’t care about ego and control; it’s about improving their results – they’re looking for the internal edge. The best people look for the advantage that great coaching can provide. Are you ready to succeed? Are you ready for great coaching?

My approach acknowledges, but does not focus on problems. It’s not getting rid of what you don’t like and don’t want. It’s about focusing on what you truly do want, learning from experience and crafting results, step by step.

As your coach, I hold you accountable for what you say you will do. I support you as you to follow through to completion and celebrate success! I look forward to connecting soon.