Meet Geoffrey....

My Why

My mission in life is to help people show up into their potential and make their dream a reality. Start taking action to move your dreams into reality! I would love to help you if you are ready!!!  I experience real passion and satisfaction helping people to solve problems that puzzle and frustrate them – the big payoff for me is when you are creating the life you say you want, then I feel excitement and accomplishment – I love helping people, all the best Geoffrey

I believe;

“Nothing happens until communication begins; Great ideas have no impact until they are given voice and energy.”

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“I had the privilege of having Geoffrey Lane as my leadership coach.  I believe that his advice helped me improve my leadership by discovering new management skills. I encourage anyone wanting to improve their leadership and management skills to seek out his coaching.”

~ Patrick Courval, Portfolio Manager – Asia/Pacific Equities CN Investment Division

The Person

Geoffrey is a passionate advocate for the power of authentic self-expression and leadership. Geoffrey expresses ideas and concepts with clarity and power. Through his experience, he has developed realistic strategies and techniques for coaching business and personal leadership and communication. His clients walk away with enhanced self-awareness and results. They also take with them valuable tools to present information and sell ideas effectively, giving them a powerful edge over competitors.

He has been coaching executives, professional speakers, and facilitators for more than 30 years.

The Coach

Geoffrey works with business leaders and is known as the “tell it like it is” coach. Geoffrey has helped to lead and design bid presentations and keynote speeches around the world. Geoffrey was the official Presentation Coach to the successful Vancouver 2010 Olympic Bid Committee in Prague.

The Consultant

Geoffrey is a thought provoking, intelligent and “tell it like it is” consultant to major Canadian businesses and leaders. Geoffrey is one of Canada’s leading coaches for leadership, communication, presentation and media training.

The Keynote Speaker

Geoffrey has a strong presence (he is totally himself), he is authentic, engaging and has a high level of integrity with the material he presents. His dry British humor is provocative, insightful and charming; he is candid, funny, irreverent and yet totally professional. Geoffrey specializes in keynote presentations that inform, provoke and motivate. His topics are personal leadership, communication, persuasion and influence.

The Author

Geoffrey is the author of the book “Presentation Power” which is also the name of the workshop he wrote and led at The Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia. He also wrote and led the following programs for numerous corporate clients; Face2Face, ACT Leadership and The Effective Leader.

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