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Live Your Life By Design. Feel confident and competent to deal with whatever life gives YOU. Live a rich, fulfilling life, free from fear and doubt about your future.

Lifenergi™ Coaching; Live Your Life By Design.

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In this troubling and uncertain time Lifenergi helps you, plan, act, and consistently bring into being your most desired results. Live your life by design, not by accident.

Personal Satisfaction: Expression, Wealth, and Sustainable

Why, you might ask, do I single out these three criteria for personal satisfaction? Because they are the three elements my clients tell me they seek in life. Although they are not always (or even usually) on the surface of clients’ minds when I begin to work with them, as they clarify what they want and why, these three satisfaction criteria inevitably surface. So, what do they mean?

Self Expression

Expression; the action of making known one’s thoughts or feelings. This means to make things easier to understand or do, primarily by organizing them into an authentic life. My clients seek is not a ‘problem and solution’ focused attitude. This does not mean avoiding the messy complexity of life. It is one that embraces life’s natural messiness and transforms it into a creative energy.

This is not achieved by merely getting rid of things you don’t like and don’t want. You create it by focusing on what you do like and do want to bring it to life. Creating means you can do more (often much more) with less effort, energy, and confusion. It means you are able to focus on what that truly matter to you. An authentic life is an undivided life, a life in which everything has a simple, coherent focus. Although life is made up of a many different parts, an authentic life has a harmony to it.  And in that harmony, it becomes simple, whole and creative.


Wealth:  it is not primarily about money.  By wealth my clients mean full, engaging, satisfying, and fulfilling lives. Wealth, to them, means having an abundance of what truly matters. Although everyone I work with wants sufficient money on which to build the life they long for, wealth is more about mastery and meaning than it is about money. My clients long to be good at things that are important to them, and that bring meaning and purpose to their lives.  Today, clients also want the results they create to be environmentally sustainable.


Sustainable: it means they want to create results in ways that harmonize with the natural systems on which all life—and our own health, wealth, and well-being—depend. It means being able to work within the natural limits of the Earth’s basic ecological systems.  It means giving back to life in equal measure to what we take.

Personal Satisfaction: Expression, Wealth, and Sustainable

Although they don’t always use the same words, and some have difficulty articulating these desires, nearly every client I work with ultimately wants the results—and the lives—they create to embody these three criteria for satisfaction. I am dedicated to coaching you to create the life you want, Geoffrey.

Michael Oliver President & Founder “Natural Selling”

As it turned out ” Showing Up” has been the most wonderful gift to discover. My feedback forms also confirm this. The word ‘Authenticity’ comes up repeatedly. As you pointed out, strategies and techniques have little meaning without the real person in front of the message! Thanks for helping me get in touch with myself and for passing on the gift on!

Karen Grey Graduate Manager – Pursuit of Excellence.

Geoffrey has a strong presence he is totally himself and high level of integrity with the material he presents. A dry British sense of humour is inviting and charming. He establishes trust and rapport, builds a strong relationship with his audience. His use of metaphors and word paint a vision or picture in such a way that, he captivates and inspires.

As Your Coach

I can help you live your life by design and where you want to go and even what has been stopping you from having the life you say you want. Feel confident and competent to deal with whatever life gives YOU. Live a rich, fulfilling life, free from fear and doubt about your future. Create the life you want. I am dedicated to helping you, send me a message and we can talk, Geoffrey.

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