The LIFENERGI Workshop:

Learn to use the transformative power of the Lifenergi technology!


The focus of this workshop is to help you create the life you want. It focuses upon the skills needed and knowledge used to help you create a better life. The LIFENERGI workshop will provide you the tools and experience to help you envision, plan, create, and manifest your most desired results.

The 7 modules that define and give structure to the workshop: It’s Not Luck! Show Up! Your Story! What’s My Purpose? My Mission! A Passionate Life! Getting To Work! are the tools and pathway to creating the life you say you want. It takes devotion, energy, self-exploration and work to create the life you desire.

Mark your calendar to join us on Tuesday at pm as we dive into the conversation of waking up and letting go of the stories we tell ourselves, the narratives we create and, listening to the “true” person whom we are.

Finding your purpose in life is something sought after by so many people, but why is it so important? What drives us to find our purpose and why?

The reason why so many of us feel so driven to find our life purpose is because knowing your purpose means that you are fully in touch with WHO YOU ARE at your core and what you came here to “do.” It means you are becoming fully self-aware.

This is important when it comes to creating and manifesting; because the better you feel in general and about yourself, the more confident you will be in your belief that you can create everything you want and need in life. The more in touch you are with yourself and what makes you feel good, the more comfortable you will be and the easier it will be, in turn, for you to create and attract what you desire.

But why is this so important for creating the life you say you want?

When you know ‘who’ you are and how to express that in your life in a creative way, doubt leaves you and energy floods your life – that is Lifenergi!

This is so important for creating and attracting abundance into your life is because your purpose is not necessarily something you came here to “do it is about being YOU”

Now don’t get me wrong, we all have things we came here to accomplish, but what takes greater precedence ALWAYS over anything you came here to accomplish is simply by BEING YOU.

The fastest path to abundance is simply being MORE of who you are and doing the work needed.


The LIFENERGI Workshop

The 7 modules that define and give structure to the workshop are merely the pathway to creating the life you say you want. It takes devotion, energy, self-exploration and work to create the life you desire.

It's Not Luck!

It is a process of creating an authentic life and living it without worrying if you are authentic. It does take work, some introspection and then commitment. 

The first question is “What Do You Want?” not what you want to buy, have or achieve, but rather how do you want to live your life? What are you willing to do to have it or give up to “create it”?

Committing to it and take action (and asking for help in creating what you want). Dreams without action are ‘day dreams’ kissed by sunshine, or alcohol or drugs, hazy thinking at best.


Show Up!

This module is about why we don’t “show up”; it’s about the masks and strategies we present to the world in order to feel safe and strong. Many people don’t notice that they are presenting to the world something other than themselves. In this model you will get the opportunity to reveal to yourself why you don’t show up to yourself.

This process is very private and revealing and rewarding as it gives you the basis for the first step in living and creating an authentic life. Graduates of the program have told me that this module alone made the entire workshop worthwhile.

Your Story!

This module is designed to provide you with a vehicle for looking at your past and bringing yourself up to date, uncovering the very nature of your story. It is surprising to many people that they are not up to date, that they’re living their lives and experiencing today through the windows of the past. In this module you will gain access to some important information about yourself and how this may be stopping you from creating what you want. This information provides the material for your next step. It will help you bring yourself into current reality. When you have completed this module, you will notice any patterns or strategies you have used to accomplish results you currently have.

What’s My Purpose?

In this module you will be looking at what your purpose is. What is surprises many people is that their purpose was in fact borrowed or suggested by another and it’s not their purpose at all. The work in the previous module gives us some invaluable material to look at and discover or rediscover your purpose. You will be surprised how consistently you have lived your purpose.

My Mission!

In this module you will discover that your purpose/mission is intertwined in many ways. You will know when you’re on your course or mission because of the energy you experience in life will make you feel charged and alive. This is a great indicator of your purpose/mission; but it takes work to tell the truth to oneself as people have illusions and self-deceptions about what they think their purpose is. “Telling the truth” (your truth) is the most difficult truth to hear, speak and acknowledge. This is liberating and powerful experience.

A Passionate Life!

Living a passionate life! In this module we look at “how” we find expression for all of the elements uncovered in the previous modules allowing us to lead a passionate life. It’s been my experience that many participants in the workshop discover and are delighted with the keys to living a passionate life. Living your life as a “Choice” rather than an accident or at the whim of others, or by the stars above, once committed to authenticity it is very easy to live the life we want.

Getting To Work!

In the final module we look at “how” and the work needed to cultivate and continue building your life. How to avoid old emotional patterns and old mental models that can lure you into thinking and feeling your done. Life itself is dynamic, learn how to create the support to take you through the unexpected and challenges awaiting you – life is dynamic. Live your life as a “Choice” committed to your authenticity, it is then easy to live the life we want.

Every man builds his world in his own image. He has the power to choose, but no power to escape the necessity of choice. – Ayn Rand, philosopher

As Your Facilitator

As your facilitator I am your guide through the process, I cannot do the work for you as it is your life. What I can do is help you stay on the pathway to self-discovery about where you are in life where you want to go and even what has been stopping you from having the life you say you want.

You must do the work and be willing to do it. This process works as I have facilitated thousands of people during my professional life and I’ve seen the results but now you must commit – commit to yourself that is! You will discover that at times it is hard work, but as you uncover and be revealed to yourself and learn what really charges you and gives you energy and a feeling of passion in your life you will work hard.

With profound respect I will tell you the truth and commit to give you the very best that I have peace and love Geoffrey.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!