The LIFENERGI™ MasterMind

"Live authentically. Why would you continue to compromise something that's beautiful to create something that is fake?" Steve Maraboli

LIFENERGI™ MasterMind Program

The focus of the MasterMind program is to help you create the life you want. It focuses upon the skills needed and knowledge used to help you create a better life. Reinforcing what is learned in the LIFENERGI™ workshop. Providing support as YOU start your journey creating the life you want!

Have you’ve ever thought of “Getting Support” as you start your new journey?  Are you struggling, looking for creativity, and support as you create your new life? Are you frustrated with going it alone, not having a place to express your ideas?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, then this group is for you!
 I’m excited to offer this MasterMind group for you to take advantage of coaching and tools to beat hesitations and fears creating an authentic and creating the life you truly want! 

This MasterMind group’s goal is to support you to help others on their journey, sharing your knowledge: You also get support, knowledge and strength from the MasterMind, you are not alone in creating the life you want.

Research has shown that people understand that there is a lot at stake when making changes to their life and business. As a result, many just don’t create the life they want because they believe it’s to complicated. I’m here to share that it can be fairly easy to create, slow to grow! The successful out there know it takes time!

This group is mentored and challenged to learn how to get braver and create what they want and have fun while doing it!

The powerful advantage of being in a MasterMind is the knowledge, experience and compassionate support of its team members.

When you start the process of creating your authentic life – it can be a challenge.  Motivation is easy when you first start and things are going well, when just starting your journey, or when the next step is clear. To get great results, one needs to stay in action, when things get tough motivation often declines.

Your MasterMind team and Facilitator will help you see the value of achieving your goal.They will help you determine your next step and will help you keep moving. You will achieve great results faster. You will see movement in your professional and personal life.

You will celebrate results-then you will use what you learned in the process of achieving them to take the next step to achieve even more.

Having more 20 years of experience as a teacher/trainer in adult education, communication, and skilled at mentoring I am ready to share my brainstorm concept with you; How To Create Your Authentic Life…..

You must be a graduate of the LIFENERGI™ Workshop to join a LIFENERGI™ MasterMind

As Your Facilitator

As your facilitator I am your guide through the process, I cannot do the work for you as it is your life. What I can do is help you stay on the pathway to self-discovery about where you are in life where you want to go and even what has been stopping you from having the life you say you want.

You must do the work and be willing to do it. This process works as I have facilitated thousands of people during my professional life and I’ve seen the results but now you must commit – commit to yourself that is! You will discover that at times it is hard work, but as you uncover and be revealed to yourself and learn what really charges you and gives you energy and a feeling of passion in your life you will work hard.

With profound respect I will tell you the truth and commit to give you the very best that I have peace and love Geoffrey.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!

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