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We live in a culture that focuses on what is missing in our lives, but ancient wisdom has long known the happiness comes not from acquiring more, but by finding deep appreciation for what is already here. When we deliberately take time to raise our awareness, we recognize all there is to appreciate in our lives and amazing changes can occur.

Why Self Discovery is Important?

“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.” ― Lao Tzu

The only relationship that is guaranteed to last a lifetime is the one you build with yourself. Just like in any relationship, you need to get to know who you are and understand yourself. The process of self-discovery is not really something you get done once, but rather an on-going commitment. However, it is a commitment you want to make. Here is why.

You will build a connection with yourself.

The more we get to know someone, the closer we become. When we see the good and the bad, the emotions and the experiences of another person, we can form a truly strong connection with them. The same is true of ourselves.

The better we know who we are and what we want, the stronger is our connection. How can we do this? Spend time on our own. Take a trip to a museum or a walk in the park and see what you think, feel, and experience.

Pay attention to what goes on inside you in different situations. Stay in touch with your inner self.

You will understand your needs better.

The second benefit is that you will better feel what you truly need. We often let ourselves be led astray by what others say about our wants and the necessities in life. Commercials, celebrities, our friends, and family can push us in certain directions. When we know ourselves, we are less likely to be tricked into pursuing something we don’t need and instead will focus on our genuine needs.

To make this clearer, ask yourself “what truly makes you proud and happy”, do not follow goals that do not suit you and listen to yourself first!

Understand what you want and why you want it.

Going beyond your needs, you also might want to see why you want certain things and what are your goals. For example, many think they want a fancy car or a new shiny watch. But if they go deeper, they will see that what they truly want is a higher social status or a sense of financial security or something quite different. We need to learn to ask ourselves why we want something and what is it exactly that we want. When we find ourselves desiring a new purchase or an object another person has, it’s time to ask why.

Reduce negative influences.

Knowing ourselves better can help us resist and reduce negative influences from within and from our environment as well. When we know ourselves, we are less likely to sabotage our work, abandon a project, or do something we are going to regret.

Self-discovery helps us recognize who we are and what truly matters, so we are not as likely to fall for a passing mood or a bit of news. For example, if you see a depressing news story about a financial crisis for your generation, you can still find strength within to keep the hope and not get discouraged or give up on your plans. It’s like a compass that will steadily lead you to your very own true north.

Reduce stress.

Throughout the day, we might get very stressed over a lot of small and ultimately inconsequential details – traffic, a slow line, bad coffee, and so on. Understanding ourselves better can help us reduce this stress in two ways. First, it helps us pay less attention to the irritating elements around us. When we have a deep connection with ourselves, it’s much easier to focus our attention inwards. It’s also easier to tell apart what truly is disruptive from a minor irritation.

The second way is that it helps us control our anger. If we overreact, we make the situation worse. If we become less prone to angry outbursts, our stress levels will also go down. We can promote this aspect of self-discovery through practices like meditation, mindfulness, and contemplation of the world around us.  Committing to a process of self-discovery is a great choice, no matter who you are. It will make your relationship with yourself stronger and much more fulfilling. See what you can learn about yourself today!

What does “Kokoro’ mean?

First let me introduce you to a fuller concept of self-discovery, learning and personal awareness – Kokoro – heart and spirit and mind.

“Kokoro is well understood in Japanese, but difficult to explain in English,” says Yoshikawa Sakiko, director of Kyoto University’s. Conceptually, it unites the notions of heart, mind, and spirit: It sees these three elements as being indivisible from one other. “For example if we say, ‘She has a good kokoro,’ it means heart and spirit and soul and mind all together.”

One of the problems of discussing kokoro in English is that by linking words—heart and spirit and mind—with “and,” we imply divisions that simply don’t exist in Japanese or in the Eastern culture, the four are intrinsically linked as one: They are one.

Are Ready to take your next step?

Maybe you have struggled, but you are motivated to make small changes, one step at a time. Maybe in the past you felt stuck, wanting to change, but never making it stick. Perhaps You felt shaky about your ability to create lasting change. But something has shifted, and you are ready to invest time and effort into making a change! One small change, one at a time, one doable step at a time. Now you’re ready, and you can’t wait to start your transformation.

Unlock Your Full Potential.

It’s time to stop being afraid of your dreams.  Would you like to be clear about what truly matters to you? Would you like the skills and structure to create what matters? Would you like to feel confident that you can thrive in the face of change, adversity, and tough times?

Would you like to create a life in which you grow and find meaning? Unleash your authenticity and be free to create the life you want. Would you like to simplify and integrate your life and work into a focused, harmonious, and creative whole person?

Join us in the journey to greater self-awareness

But you don’t need to be a specialist to understand the implications of Kokoro. In fact, you probably already have a sense of it, even if you had no word for it before. Take a moment to reflect on how inter-connected all things are, all people are, and you’ll feel your heart flutter in response.

How does my ‘Kokoro’ membership work?

Every month, Geoffrey will lead a webinar and offer you a challenge to focus upon and then you will receive content every week related to the same topic. You then can attend live video webinars & Q&As with Geoffrey, and don’t worry if you miss it – we will save it in the membership page.

The idea is to make a change in your life that works for you, using what you have learned – “One Step At A Time” –  One step at a time, until you have created the transformation(s) you want, on your terms. Just focus on one habit change every month.

Upcoming Topics and Webinars:


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Great relationships are no accident, they are a conscious choice. Am I being the way I want you to be? This is the key question for healthy loving relationship.

Monthly webinar and live Q&A Geoffrey

Each month Geoffrey holds live video webinar on the current challenge, and you can get your questions answered. These are saved so you can review them and don’t worry if you miss one it will be recorded.


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