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The market place is competitive and constantly changing. The customer is busy, educated, and has more access to information than ever before. They carefully select who and what they listen to. They are looking for professional, well researched, accurate, and usable information that is presented professionally. In this time-pressured, competitive world, having a specific proven model for delivering and scripting customer based presentations is a essential, not only for the peace of mind of the presenter but also for continued success.

Sending an individual staff member to a public seminar can be a convenient way for that person to earn new skills and gain new knowledge, but what if there are a number of people in your organization who need staff development? A profound side effect is team bonding and message coordination.

Our in-house training is the most effective and economical solution for your organization. All of our in house workshops are customized and also provide a follow up report. Each party assigns a liaison to coordinate logistics. The client is responsible for travel and normal expenses, the venue, equipment, and refreshments.

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Nov 19 2019


$12,000 + Tax
Geoffrey X Lane


Geoffrey X Lane
444 555 6666
[email protected]


  • Geoffrey X Lane
    Geoffrey X Lane
    Presentation Director

    Do You Have Trouble Presenting to A Crowd? Public speaking is not a gift to be enjoyed by the privileged few.

    I know what it feels like to want to deliver a message and touch people’s lives – then to get stopped by fear. I am a shy introvert by nature, and I had a message to get out. The fear and nervousness of public speaking stopped me again and again.

    Then I discovered the secrets to becoming a powerful public speaker.

    Today I love public speaking, and everything to do with it! I have spent decades studying, practicing and teaching the art and science of public speaking.

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ARE YOU the leader who has been asked to speak in front of your clients? Are you a coach or consultant who wants to leave your competition in the dust? Are you an author/authority in your field who wants to speak professionally? If you answered YES to one of the above questions, then this may be the most valuable message you’ll ever read before you step in front of your next audience! Turbo-charge your presentation skills, take your business to the next level, motivate the hearts and minds of your clients and persuade them to take action…

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