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Public Speaking Training With A Business Focus

The market place is competitive and constantly changing. The customer is busy, educated, and has more access to information than ever before. They carefully select who and what they listen to. They are looking for professional, well researched, accurate, and usable information that is presented professionally. In this time-pressured, competitive world, having a specific proven model for delivering and scripting customer based presentations is a essential, not only for the peace of mind of the presenter but also for continued success.

Sending an individual staff member to a public seminar can be a convenient way for that person to earn new skills and gain new knowledge, but what if there are a number of people in your organization who need staff development? A profound side effect is team bonding and message coordination.

What is a Live Online class?

The Impact Workshop Live Online is a live, interactive virtual classroom solution delivered right to your computer via the Internet.  Live Online workshop is led by Geoffrey an expert public speaking coach, who delivers compelling learning during conveniently scheduled class times. You and your class peers interact with Geoffrey and each other in ways that engage your attention, so you learn more. It’s the ideal way to get the benefits of a physical class without the time and expense involved in travelling to a class location.

Live, real-time virtual instruction is ideal for distributed work forces. Employees from anywhere can register and participate in training without the expense and hassle of travel

Benefits: “The Impact Workshop” Live Online

  • Customized to your organizations needs and educational development plans.
  • Develops company wide standard model of communications and presentations.
  • Can be spread over several weeks to avoid productivity loss.
  • Save money with affordable class pricing and no travel expenses for attendees or facilitator.
  • Save time. The class comes to you, based upon your schedule.
  • Learn more in a place where you’re comfortable and you can avoid distractions.
  • No setup required, just access to high-speed Internet and computer with camera.
  • Learning that engages you with real-time interaction with instructor, with an interactive page for questions and answers.


See what grads say about their experience…

Our Live Online classes are made up of a variety of components, including live interactive classes that may include shared slides, video, whiteboards, etc. They also can include simulations and mentoring support and access to online material and video’s.

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Nov 19 2019
Geoffrey X Lane


Geoffrey X Lane
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  • Geoffrey X Lane
    Geoffrey X Lane
    Presentation Director

    Do You Have Trouble Presenting to A Crowd? Public speaking is not a gift to be enjoyed by the privileged few.

    I know what it feels like to want to deliver a message and touch people’s lives – then to get stopped by fear. I am a shy introvert by nature, and I had a message to get out. The fear and nervousness of public speaking stopped me again and again.

    Then I discovered the secrets to becoming a powerful public speaker.

    Today I love public speaking, and everything to do with it! I have spent decades studying, practicing and teaching the art and science of public speaking.

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