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It’s a powerful feeling to speak with presence and authority in front of any group, whether it is in person or on-air. Imagine standing in front of your audience, feeling absolutely at ease and enjoying their rapt attention. The Presentation Power NLP workshop is organized around the four elements, which represent the dynamics involved in a great presentation experience: it is on consecutive Wednesday at 4pm to 6pm PST – you can ask questions and review the session later, once processed and posted. And on each Friday the following is a short Q&A LIVE online.

Overview of the topics 

19th Feb Session 1; The ARCHER (which represents you, the presenter) provides the energy to shoot the arrow to the target. Learning how to manage, maintain, and develop that energy is important and forms a major part of any presentation. Learning to manage fear and anxiety. The power of NLP.

26th Feb Session 2; The Arrow represents the script that tells a story — just like a movie — whether it is 60 minutes, six minutes or 60 seconds long. How to write a script/presentation that involves and inspires people to take action. Learn how capture the audience in the opening sentence.

March 4th Session 3; The BOW represents the delivery system and supports the story to be delivered to the audience. What is the most effective medium through which to deliver the Arrow (your story) — slides, handouts, flip chart, audio-visuals, or a video-clip. Think of the script first (Arrow), then what special effects (Bow) do you need to inform, inspire and entertain your audience.

March 11th Session 4; The TARGET represents the audience which, for you the presenter, is the most important element. As a presenter, you need to know what motivates, interests, and affects your audience. What kind of story will influence and persuade them, interest and involve them. The audience selects the type of event they attend; is it for business, education, inspiration or some other purpose?

This Presentation Power NLP workshop can mark the beginning of your process of showing up and being heard. Practical experience will further enhance and strengthen your abilities as a communicator and presenter

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Feb 19 2020 - Mar 11 2020




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  • Geoffrey X Lane
    Geoffrey X Lane
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    Do You Have Trouble Presenting to A Crowd? Public speaking is not a gift to be enjoyed by the privileged few.

    I know what it feels like to want to deliver a message and touch people’s lives – then to get stopped by fear. I am a shy introvert by nature, and I had a message to get out. The fear and nervousness of public speaking stopped me again and again.

    Then I discovered the secrets to becoming a powerful public speaker.

    Today I love public speaking, and everything to do with it! I have spent decades studying, practicing and teaching the art and science of public speaking.

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