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I was recently asked “Why take Presentation Mastery?

I know when I want to learn about something I check and see who and what is available and then choose someone I consider to have mastered that particular skill. So here are my answers:

It will save YOU time: You get to short cut through the pain, anxiety and time that it took to earn and learn this knowledge, and you get to access the wisdom and experience of the teacher. YOU get to learn, probe what they know!

It will save YOU energy: You get the benefit of the knowledge early in your career and life while you can multiply your results not spend your energy and focus trying to learn what has already been tested, proven and used successfully.

It will save YOU money: You share the cost of learning with the others in the class at a fraction of what it cost the teacher.

It will save YOUR peace of mind: what you learn in Mastery is that it works! It is time, energy and result tested giving you peace of mind.

Nothing can quickly turbo-charge your presentation skills, take your business to the next level, help you get into the hearts and minds of your clients and persuade them to take-action… than this brand-new Mastery Program. Take 4days to change your life and the people you speak too.

Join us in the journey to Presentation Mastery….


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Mar 19 2020 - Mar 22 2020




Granville Island Hotel
1253 Johnston Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Geoffrey X Lane


Geoffrey X Lane
444 555 6666


  • Geoffrey X Lane
    Geoffrey X Lane
    Presentation Director

    Do You Have Trouble Presenting to A Crowd? Public speaking is not a gift to be enjoyed by the privileged few.

    I know what it feels like to want to deliver a message and touch people’s lives – then to get stopped by fear. I am a shy introvert by nature, and I had a message to get out. The fear and nervousness of public speaking stopped me again and again.

    Then I discovered the secrets to becoming a powerful public speaker.

    Today I love public speaking, and everything to do with it! I have spent decades studying, practicing and teaching the art and science of public speaking.

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