Leadership Coaching

Many leaders can experience burn-out, a sense of isolation, and loss of meaning in their work and lives. Now more than ever, there is a critical need for deeper connections with clients, team members, and loved ones in this time of pandemic. To address this growing need, I have developed a new leadership coaching program, an innovative system for leaders, manager, and coaches who want to transform their role as a leader and to help change today’s culture of leadership.

The most important role of the leader is to maintain a safe space in which their team members can work. To feel empowered we need to believe that the goal posts will not move, that we will not be blamed.

Constant Change!

The never ending wave of change can be challenging, it can wear the best of leaders down while they hold the tiller of the company and people on course. It is not always possible for the leader to find true expression for these thoughts and feelings, that’s where I can help as your coach. I have coached teams and leaders through the waves of change.

The leader has to deal with issues as they arise in positive, supportive, learning and above all honest and transparent ways – without blame or criticism. The servant leader must provide a reliable guarantee that individual team members will not get blamed for mistakes or failures.

Instead all team members must be willing to take responsibility for both the ups and the downs. They must learn to celebrate the ups and move on quickly from the downs. The culture that is created is one of shared responsibility and safety in which to experiment, explore, fail, and succeed.

And every leader needs a safe place to talk through, get feedback with no agenda and to get experienced coaching. I have coached teams and leaders through the waves of change and I can help.

At the core of Zen coaching are the practices of leadership, strategy, ethics, meditation, and mindfulness which are vital and relevant today. My leadership coaching is structured and practical. It’s designed to help you create powerful and permanent change that’s effective and sustainable. It works because it enables you make clear decisions and take confident action that’s aligned with your personality type, your strengths, your values, your purpose and passion, Geoffrey.

A private conversation

Geoffrey X LaneThe challenge in reading the information on a website you only get part of the story and their is more. If you are curious and would like to know more about the coaching and training programs I offer please contact me.

I would like to offer you time to talk and ask questions to see if their is the possibility that I can be of service to you, either as a coach or you joining in one of our training programs, send me an email and lets setup a time to talk – all the best Geoffrey