My Professional Background

Coaching, Consulting & Training

2005 /NOW: – I have been coaching and running a consulting practice. My area of focus has been in the areas of: Lifenergi™ Coach, Leadership Coach & Public Speaking Coach.I have been using my Lifenergi™ Coaching model since I led my Lifenergi™ Retreat on Bowen Island, BC Canada in 2007.

2002/2003: I was the speech coach for the Canadian Olympic Bid Team. I coached the team in Vancouver, BC Canada so the ‘Olympic Evaluation Committee’ could evaluate us to see if Canada would host the 2010 Winter Olympics. I coached the Canadian team in Prague, Czech Republic for the final presentation, and Canada won! Speech and presentation skills for winning 2010 Winter Olympics.

1995/2004 I was a workshop leader/lecturer at the “Sauder School of Business” – in the MBA program – I also led Presentation Power for Executive Education, UBC and Sales Talk for Executive Education. I am the author of “Presentation Power”.

Business Owner

1993-2000: I was the founder and President of NuMethod Executive Education Inc. NuSpeak Workshop and Video Training (for media) Our client list included: BCTV, Electronic Arts, Tourism Vancouver, VanCity Credit Union, London Drugs and Sandwell Engineering and many graduates of our public version of the workshop.

1968/1985 I became a partner with Lisa Kerfoot in 1968. Together we ran retail and service (hair & cosmetics) when Lisa retired it became Moods Hair Technology with locations in: Pacific Centre, Denman St Vancouver BC I sold it in 1985.

Facilitation & Public Speaking

1985/1995 I worked for Context Associated in Vancouver BC.  I led the Pursuit of Excellence for 8years travelling across Canada. As a facilitator and program leader I was involved in Curriculum Development & Training. I facilitated “The Advancement of Excellence” – a six-week program. I loved the experience of working with Context, a mission driven company.

1973: My Public Speaking career stared with REDKEN a cosmetic manufacturer and distributor. I led REDKEN Seminars  Challenge of Success – Salon Success – Canadian Tour and the Redken Regional Seminar – Motivational Speaker – USA Tour. I also taught at the REDKEN Academy in Los Angeles CA. USA I was a member of the REDKEN Laboratories Education and Marketing team and coached and trained field staff and managers – customer service & sales

1975/1985 As a keynote speaker I led a retailing and marketing workshop for the Allied Beauty Association Canada. Canada wide tour – Retailing & Marketing Workshop

1966 I emigrated to Vancouver BC Canada. When I arrived in Vancouver BC I could not find any movie related work. For 6months I worked for a local small cosmetic manufacturer who made shampoos and conditioners, I travelled across western Canada selling it to small pharmacies and outlets – it was a wonderful way to see Canada. Then I worked for two different hair salons until I joined Lisa Kerfoot in 1968.

1964/1966 I worked at MGM Film Studios in Elstree, Hertfordshire UK.  I worked in the Property dept, biding my time to transfer to the make up and special effects department ~ basically I was a “gopher” .



Nine Things About Me…

When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them: I help people show up and lead authentic lives!


After all these years I’ve come  to accept myself as I am and not try to fix myself. I’ve learned it’s simply more empowering to accept yourself as you are, and be at peace with yourself. When I’m able to be  responsible for the way I am, without justification or rationalization, new possibilities for being come into existence. I find myself growing naturally, without effort. I am constantly researching practical ideas and solutions about technology, human communications and psychology.

I have studied, experimented and personally tested what I coach and train people to do: – which is how to lead, speak publicly, make a pitch, give a presentation, and to create a life you truly want!

Nine Things You May Not Know About Me…

  1. The first time I got up to speak I was terrified, in fact I threw up backstage, but it was a new challenge and problem to be solved and I was hooked.
  2. I worked as a hairdresser in London during the late 1960’s… the stories I could tell!
  3. I am Dyslexic and this so called ‘dis-ability’ is a tremendous advantage in pattern recognition.
  4. I wrote for and taught “Presentation Power” and “Sales Talk” for the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia.
  5. I love science fiction/fantasy movies and books. That’s right, I was a nerd before it was cool!
  6. I was the speech coach for the Winter Olympic Bid for Canada in 2002/2003 and we won the right to host the 2010 Winter Olympics and it was brilliant!
  7. I try to spend as much time as I can being a “beach bum” yes the beach is where I relax.
  8. I go through periods of trying to give up coffee, but am always seduced again by the smell of espresso!
  9. I had a multiple bypass heart surgery August 2014, then ran the Spartan Sprint in June 2015! Yup it’s good to be alive!

I’m living proof that your creativity can bankroll your passions – and that it’s never too late to make your dreams real, whether you want to be an amazing leader, get a standing ovation, be a great coach, or completely rule your industry!  Always show up Geoffrey


My Eclectic Education

 2018 I went to Inspired Outcomes, a school in Quelph, Ontario to refresh and update my NLP education from Allen Kanerva, recognized as one of Canada’s  leading NLP Educators and experts. Brilliant Trainer.; NLP Practitioner Training, PACE Coaching Program and Hypnosis Training.

2000 I wanted to bring more spontaneity to my speaking and training so I went Carousel Theatre School on Granville Island: Improv Theatre for 8 weeks

1993/1995 I was hired to write a training manual while at Investors Group. I became certified, earning my Brokers License, Financial Planning, Insurance License, Level 1 & 2 Mutual Funds Licenses.

1985/1988 I went to Professional Development Seminars: The Haven, on Gabriola Island BC. The Haven is a non-profit learning centre on beautiful Gabriola Island in British Columbia, Canada. The focus is self-responsibility, effective communication, healthy relationships, creative expression, and integration of mind-body-spirit. I took the 5 day residential programs:  Come Alive – Couples Workshop – Men Body and Energy – Anger and Boundaries – Creative Planning Workshop (Licensee)

1986 I joined Context Associated in 1986 and entered their 2 year Program Leaders Training; where I studied the background to and then led “The Pursuit of Excellence” program for 8 years. I also learned how to the lead The Wall and The Advancement of Excellence, but my focus was “The Pursuit of Excellence” program.

1985 I took the 5 day The Pursuit of Excellence following up with The Wall 6 days residential program and then The Advancement of Excellence 8week program

1984 Virginia Satyr – 3 day workshop. I went to my first NLP Training 7day program and Fire Walking Coach Training with Anthony Robbins in San Diego

1966 I migrated to Vancouver BC Canada the biggest learning experience in my life.

1965 Vidal Sassoon Academy on Bond St London UK.

1962 BBC Television- evening classes theatrical make-up while in college

1961-1963  South West College of Education, Watford, Herts, UK 2-year Diploma program Cosmetology & Salon Management

1961 Graduated from Campions Secondary School (General Certificates of Education). I was the School Athletic Captain, Senior Prefect

1945 Born in Plymouth Devon and raised in London UK.





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