"My membership site is a career coaching and networking community that helps you create the life you want. Join for the content, stay for the community. It's leaders helping leaders grow."

~ Geoffrey X Lane

Take the guesswork out of advancing your career, and life.

Tools and resources to build your career, strengthen your relationships and find your purpose.

You’ve got the skills to do your job. But so do many other people.  So what does it take to make you stand out?  To get ahead?   To move past the roadblocks that get in the way?

It takes an edge and authenticity that others don’t have.  This involves developing yourself before you can develop your career.  You can find this edge and the help you need with a membership in my “Leadership Community”.

To get ahead there is much more involved than improving your technical skills. It also involves working on communication, building relationships, creating agreement and letting go of things that are holding you back.

Membership will offer insights and materials that I’ve only ever provided to my coaching clients.

When you become a member, you have access to the resources I’ve developed over decades that help people create the life they want.  You also have access to a community of like-minded professionals who are looking for their edge too.

Membership includes:

Videos - discover practical steps to get where you want

Articles - learn valuable strategies for advancement that work

Exercises - practice your new knowledge

Discussion Forums - gain and give support to other professionals

Program Discounts - get exclusive rates for special courses

Insider Offers - be first to hear about opportunities

Membership is a fraction of the cost I charge my one-on- one coaching clients, yet you get access to all of the same resources and insights I provide them. Clients who have made incredible progress in their lives and careers including promotions, starting businesses, saving broken relationships and finally attaining lifelong goals.

GXL Master Mind Group

and how will it help You take Your Leadership to the next level


As a Foundation Member- Your leadership team will provide you with a powerful team experience with like-minded people whereby the synergy and continued practice created in your group will help everyone reach extraordinary goals, what makes this significantly different from a regular Master Mind group is Geoffrey’s experience, leadership, and his mentorship of the group.

The first 100 members will have special privileges – lifetime fixed membership fee – priority seating – opportunities to lead groups – first refusal for licensing programs…with additional perks being added as the community evolves.

Do you want the edge you need to stand out? To get ahead? And to create the life you want, but didn’t know you could?

Then it’s time to join my coaching community.

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