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These audio clips are from the training workshop archive and the videos from, workshops, speaking events and TV interviews. The content is for both the beginner and professional. Questions: send me an email if you have a question about public speaking or hiring me as a coach or to lead a workshop for you, always show up Geoffrey

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Audio Recordings

Be Yourself – Always from a video about the power of authenticity!
Jessica Dewell speaks about being a participant in the Presentation Power: The Essentials. An online video based workshop.
How to handle FEAR part 1 – this is about what you can to onstage handle anxiety!
How to handle FEAR part 2: Dealing with the internal thoughts about giving a presentation.
How to handle FEAR part 3: Using the concept of “Current Reality” to create peace of mind about presentations.
Fanny Keifer TV Interview: An in-depth interview about the false and real about public speaking.
The Mind Body Connection: How you body and mind affect each other even reinforcing what does not work!