I am a passionate advocate for authentic leadership

Our mission is to strengthen authentic leadership, growth, and influence transformative change.


It is said “curiosity killed the cat”, I am glad I am not a cat for as long as I can remember I have been curious. Wondering how people worked and how they created results. I have followed these two pathways at the same time and I have learned much from the people I have served which in turn informed my own understanding of authentic leadership. I have always been in service to others in one form or another, this was an unconscious inspiration from my father, who was happiest when helping others.

I have been a teacher, lecturer, facilitator and coach no matter what the actual field that I worked in. I have always been on the journey to create and to lead an authentic life. From small business owner, public speaker, university lecturer to facilitator and author of Lifenergi™; a pathway to creating an authentic life.

It gives me great pleasure to say “I am here to help YOU create the life you want”.

I look forward to meeting you, all the best Geoffrey


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