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The spoken word has the POWER to transform, influence, inspire and persuade.

Do You Have Trouble Presenting to A Crowd?

Public speaking is not a gift to be enjoyed by the privileged few.

I know what it feels like to want to deliver a message and touch people’s lives – then to get stopped by fear. My fear and nervousness of public speaking stopped me again and again. Then my curiosity and drive led me to discover and develop the way to become a powerful public speaker. Today I love public speaking, and everything to do with it! I have spent decades studying, practicing and teaching the art and science of public speaking. Read my story about the art of public speaking

Personal Presentation Coaching

Public Speaking Experience From 1973

I wrote the original program to satisfy requests from colleague’s and people who had watched me speak and then wanted coaching and training on how to speak publicly. That was not the first time I had been asked to help with speaking skills and I found it fascinating.

My path to becoming a public speaker was less structured and more experimental than any traditional training. It was 1973 and I had been asked to speak at a small group that was in Prince George British Columbia. I said yes, but really didn’t have an idea of how to go about it, like most people it looked easy – lol.

I did my first speaking event, I threw up and was generally frustrated, but also hooked…

I challenged myself to learn and that led to a 13year public speaking journey. My partner Lisa Kerfoot and I ran the business during the week and about twice a month or so I would leave to speak at a convention, it was lots of fun and I learned a great deal. This led to two speaking tours of Australia, regular speaking at conventions for Redken Cosmetics throughout Canada and the United States. I was beginning to really understand the “How To” of presentation and public speaking skills!

Firewalking and Change

Next Steps and the Pursuit of Excellence

Then my life took a dramatic turn (divorce) and I found myself really looking at who I was and what I did. I was introduced to a man named Tony Robbins by Nicole Clements. Tony was starting out that time, he was teaching fire walking out at the UBC beach in Vancouver. The agreement was I would teach or demonstrate my speaking skills to Tony, and he would teach me NLP and fire-walking. We spent several days in Vancouver with me demonstrating and modelling my skills and asking me in a huge amount of questions. I then went to San Diego to experience fire-walking and being instructed in NLP. It was a wild time, I stayed with Tony and learned so much from him and did fire walking myself. I then became an avid student of NLP, Virginia Satir and the teachings of Milton Erickson. This proved to be the start of my journey into self-awareness.

My next step was to take the “The Pursuit of Excellence” by Context it was brilliant and added to my growth.

The Pursuit of Excellence

NuSpeak & Presentation Power – 1996

I immersed myself in the POE and took a deeper look at my own communication skills and others and the impact that it has on their lives and those around them. Then off to “The Haven” for more workshops. Within a year I was leading “The Advancement of Excellence”. Within another year I was leading the “Pursuit of Excellence”; a 45hour’s over five days, my mentor in that process was Peggy Merlyn and Jim Sorenson, both brilliant facilitators. I was involved for nine years and loved every minute of it.

Yes, that’s me on bottom right…

I launched my first presentation and public speaking program in Victoria BC, this was a Beta test to see how and what worked. I use my experience and understanding of rapid learning, cognitive psychology and NLP. It was a hit, and I started to lead regular programs and speaking about it to other people all the time. People told me it was revolutionary, that they had learned more in the two days than six months at Toastmasters. It was and is learning by doing experience and the retention of knowledge by the anchoring processes built into the program.

Helping Others Achieve

Building A System That Produces Results

I remember one call from participant who wanted to know what I had done as she had gotten up to speak and didn’t feel nervous, but didn’t know how it worked – I laughed – Patricia was particularly nervous during the program and yet took every step and did every assignment that she was quite good when it was finished, but didn’t believe that she would ever be ready. She later proved herself wrong.

UBC And The Presentation Power Workshops

NuSpeak & Presentation Power at UBC

I had a participant who was very eager and kept asking lots of questions, it was only at the end of the workshop did she reveal that she was from UBC, and that started a conversation about me bringing the workshop to UBC. Over the summer we had several meetings in the required me to give them a more complete workbook, we had several discussions about the intellectual property, and they agreed it was mine and so I gave them my full workbook. Then I got pulled into a special meeting because they were concerned about NuSpeak and didn’t want to be promoting a workshop with the same name as my book, after brainstorming and much discussion I/we decided upon Presentation Power.

I continued to study NLP and Cognitive Psychology. I wrote, led and regularly updated Presentation Power during my eight years with UBC, and the Sauder School of Business, it was a great experience.

Presentation Power Great news we were granted Trademark in 2003

The Canadian Winter Olympic Bid 2003

Presentation Power on a Global Stage

They had a challenge; to prepare for the visit of the Olympic Evaluation Committee. This was Canada’s opportunity to move from the group to the final three. Asked me to come or prepare the speakers and of course I said yes. Only to find athletes, technical experts and volunteers who had various degrees of speaking ability, the biggest which was fear! They gave me a room and I spent three weeks editing down speeches and coaching for specific presentation. These were long days and short nights full of stress.

It was successful and met some wonderful people and didn’t think about it very much and then suddenly I got call “would I come with the team for the final presentation in Prague”. I said yes and off I went to Prague, these were even longer days and shorter nights and now everything was on the line, Canada’s reputation and my reputation and skills. We won the right to host the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and Whistler BC!!

Suddenly I was in demand as a presentation director, helping people with their presentation skills, stage skills and how to be persuasive in a very short period of time.

This is What You've Been Waiting For!

Hone your presentation skills, develop effective stage skills, and learn how to be persuasive. All in a very short period of time!

Giving Back & Good Will

Creating spaces of strength and integrity.

Imagine a piece of fabric covering the world that represents good will. In some place’s it is evident that goodwill exists. That spontaneous help during hard times and simple acts of kindness. In some parts of the world it is evident that goodwill is becoming torn apart, in Africa, Russia, Middle East, and often in our own backyard by politicians and racists.

For me, strengthening the fabric of goodwill is expressed in the simple act of leading workshops that strengthen the individual. As the individual represents a single strand in the overall fabric; when a person is strengthened to express more of whom they are, we all are strengthened. It is important for freedom expression to continue, when it is suppressed, goodwill and understanding tends to disappear. 

I believe we need ‘stand up’ for what we believe in, that we create work places that respect the integrity and the values of others. It is the suppression of ideas, values, beliefs and individuals that directly decreases goodwill.

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I love training and coaching people to become powerful public speakers: it allows me to help them create what they want. By using my experience, failures, success, and discoveries I have developed a system to help YOU become a confident, powerful, inspiring public speaker — and much, much faster and easier than it took me.

I can help YOU tell your story!

The spoken word has the POWER to transform, influence, inspire and persuade. Nothing happens until communication begins. Great ideas have no impact until they are given voice. Your voice to deliver your message with impact.

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