My Most Powerful Teacher

Geoffrey X Lane

My Most Powerful Teacher PAIN.

Living with chronic pain makes day-to-day life difficult. It touches every single part of my life, from hygiene, to cooking, to relationships, to sleeping. It started gradually but now I’ve been living with chronic pain for 12yrs. If you also live with that (pain) four letter word as your constant companion, you’ll probably relate to these things as well.

When you live with chronic pain, every day is an adventure. That goes double for the start of the day. I never know how much pain I will wake up with or how it will change throughout the day. Loved ones often mean well when they say things like, “Hope you feel better soon!” The reality is, the pain doesn’t stop, so it’s hard to know what to say. Again, people mean well and want to help. That said, I see professionals to get help with the pain conditions and more often than not, I do a lot of research myself. I know my body best. If I am my sharing frustrations, it’s usually because I want empathy more than strategy.

I’ve been dealing with varying levels of pain every single day for the last 15 years. Some days are a lot easier. Other days are an absolute struggle fest WTF. I have developed a communication code: I’m lumpy means moderate pain –  I’m wobbly means it’s bad day and WTF, well you can guess lol..

Pain is an amazing teacher!

Compassion: I am much more compassionate towards all others, recognizing that they also might have a condition that does not show up in the regular way, such as a plaster cast indicates a broken bone, which also means pain.

Patience: I have tremendous patience for people who are in service to me, the doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, lab technicians and specialists who I rely upon to help me. I notice how and when they are tired, I always say, “thank you” and mean it. The fact that they are there and available to help me is a great gift.

Focus: another learning from pain is mental acuity, I am really focused on doing whatever I am doing, and when I’m with someone I really pay attention to them, it is a gift to have time with people there is no tomorrow there is only now.

Technology: The gift of technology is truly amazing because I can now dictate my articles and my blogs and my messages to people an amazing gift because I am not using my hands that are so painful that I might cry.

Thoughtfulness: I am very much more thoughtful about other people because I’ve had to learn to take care of myself and to be thoughtful about myself and this shows up in my behaviour with others.

Grateful: I am so grateful for all of the small things that people do to make my life easier to make it less painful and more joyful. Every day is a gift.

Joy: especially when I have rare day of low pain and I am fully available to be with family and friends.

Humour: WTF has become a tool for laughter and to avoid self-pity.

ZEN: the meditation and philosophy, and for the peace of mind it brings.

Love and peace Geoffrey

Geoffrey has coached CEO’s, leaders, architects, engineers, public speakers and entrepreneurs: Here is a small collection of success stories from the different areas of Geoffrey’s background as a coach. Geoffrey has over 25 years coaching experience. He has led teams for 2010 Winter Olympic Bid, CN Financial Division, Shaw, Rocky Mountaineer, Sandwell Engineering, FKP Architects, Telus and Stantec. Geoffrey taught at the Sauder School of Business, Executive Education, at the University of British Columbia.




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