“Resistance Is Futile”

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There is so much change going on that it feels difficult to accommodate it all. The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed what is not working and created a demand for change. Most people when faced with change will resist it and try and put it back to the way it was. It is never going back to the way it was and the resistance to that change causes even more stress.

A quote from the fictional Borg of Star Trek “Resistance Is Futile”

An individual’s capacity to manage change is rather like trying to describe how much capacity an individual has; here is an analogy, imagine you’ve just received a parcel from say Amazon and is about 24 inches square and about 8 inches deep and what comes out of the boxes is the wrappers and different pieces and then before you decide to keep it someone throws away the box from Amazon.

You decide to return it you then search for a box that is exactly the same shape and size so that you can put it back into and then ship it back to Amazon, but now you don’t have the box. This means you have to either search for an identical box or find the original, but it has been crushed and put in the garbage. Some people will build a better box, some people will keep the order rather try to ship it back, others will procrastinate until it’s to late…

Will you be able to put it back in the box the original box? I suggest once you’ve opened it, it’s out of the box and it will never go back into the box in the same way.

Why do we resist change, even if it is for our personal good?

Is it the fear of the unknown or leaving your comfort zone for an “unknown” that you have never seen before? This induces mild anxiety for some, for many the unknown is exciting, for others it triggers deep anxiety, terror and panic. And this is before anything has happened.

What’s Next For You?

One of human being’s biggest fears is uncertainty. When we feel uncertain about something, we feel insecure wondering what? Maybe we don’t have anyone to talk about with or to hold our hand, and we have to move forward almost blindly. Do we have to do it? No, but there are always consequences. The biggest challenge is if we don’t change and the world does, then what?Yes, we have to do it, to conquer the fear of change and to see through the fog of personal uncertainty.

But many people tend to put up mental barriers “to getting what they want” and what we know will make us happy. There is an easy solution. Here are three powerful personal questions, which when answered honestly will help you change your life:

  • What truly matters to you?
  • What are you willing to create for yourself?
  • What skills and structures do need to create what matters to you?

If you take the time to truly explore these three questions you will develop a plan so that you can create the life that you want, not a life that ‘just happens’, but the life that you truly want. Life your by design rather than by the fluctuations of the tide that takes you in and out.

Would you like to feel confident that you can thrive in the face of change, adversity and tough times, then do the work or life will happen to you! You know of course will have to face the fear of failure and the judgment of others, but you can either bob about like a cork in the tide or you can take charge of your life and create a life by design.

Will it be easy, no, will it be creative, slightly scary and exciting yes! ‘Feel the fear and just do it’ will be the strategy for the brave. For some it will be a deep look into what they want and perhaps even why they want it. For many people reading this article they will take no action they will procrastinate until it is too late, life will ‘happen to them’ rather than create a life by design.

Waiting for the right time is overrated… From Alice in Wonderland.” paraphrasing the Cheshire Cat: “If you don’t know where you’re going, any path will get you there.”

As always, I really appreciate that you are reading my post. I regularly write about personal change, people and communication issues and social trends. If you would like to read my regular posts then please click ‘Follow’ and send me an invite. And, of course, feel free to also connect via Twitter, and Geoffrey X Lane.
Geoffrey X Lane ~ Author – LIFENERGI

PS. Change can be challenging especially if you are not clear about your “Why”. Take some time to find yourself and about your ‘why’, join us in our upcoming “Lifenergi” workshop and I guarantee you will gain clarity about your why.

Always Show Up Geoffrey

Geoffrey has over 25 years coaching experience. He has led teams for 2010 Winter Olympic Bid, CN Rail, Shaw, Rocky Mountaineer, Sandwell Engineering, FKP Architects, Telus and Stantec. Geoffrey taught at the Sauder School of Business, Executive Education, at the University of British Columbia.



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