The Trump’s Playbook

Geoffrey X Lane

It’s well known that emotions motivate. A tyrant and bully use’s fear to motivate, which works as long as the fear continues to be escalated. The fear doesn’t even need to be real – our brains don’t know the difference. When you are scared, facts (what’s real) doesn’t matter. I believe a great leader stimulates the emotions of hope, compassion and collaboration (working together).

I have been watching the PBS “The Dictator’s Playbook” series, it is a chilling reminder of how President Trump seems to be getting ready to go the whole way, setting up large portions of the American population to fear migrants and each other. Pres. Trump with his constant barrage of tweets and public announcements sucks up all of the space in the news media. This effectively shuts out more liberal minds and thoughts as everyone is responding to what he says instead of focusing on what they want to say.


Dominance of the media was a secret of Trump’s success in the Republican primaries. He achieved a multitude more airtime than his Republican rivals, forcing them to exhaust their advertising budgets to get some attention while he got on TV for free. And it is continued unchecked while he had a Republican majority until the recent mid-term election. By clogging up the airwaves, media conversation and television he excludes others, quite an effective strategy to shut others out and up. He has ridden this wave of PR stunts into the White House and beyond…

Trump wrote three decades ago in his first book that he does outrageous things to get his name in the news — and he’s remained true to his word. It has been an amazing marketing strategy forcing others to respond to him rather than getting the media to respond to their ideas.

How do you manage this kind of strategy, especially when you don’t have the dominant power of the president of the United States? If you attack the ideas and the president you can provide him with more material, however if you attack the falsehoods, and blatant stupidity of these ideas you can overtake him and cause him to respond.

He will of course claim “Fake News” which such a clever tactic for creating confusion in the minds of those that have always trusted the president of the United States.

The greatest power we will poccess is the ability to speak up and to speak out against those that would enslave us.

Always Speak Up, Geoffrey

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