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Everybody has a character flaw and Trumps are on full view. The flaw isn’t the whole person, but it captures what’s wrong with him. Trump is egotistical, narcissistic, insecure, and petulant, these traits are his downfall. Those are four traits that are difficult to imagine in a president. If you play polite and let Trump glide through a meeting without revealing these traits, you will fail.

Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi, a seasoned debater and politician baited Pres. Trump with one well placed taunt “we don’t need a Trump shutdown”!

Pelosi poked Trump’s inner child and injured his pride. When he feels wronged or threatened, he can’t control himself. He hits back, and he gets personal or make an outrageous statement. As you watch the video you can see his emotional reaction and he ends up owning the government shutdown

“I am proud to shut down the government for border security,” Trump says in Oval Office “tantrum” with Schumer, Pelosi…

Defeating Trump

During the 2016 campaign Trump tells his rivals they should get off the stage because they’re low in the polls. His outbursts are unbelievably puerile. In one debate, he said to Ted Cruz: “I know you’re embarrassed. I know you’re embarrassed. … I’m relaxed. You’re the basket case.”

Trump doesn’t just lash out at his opponents. He heaps scorn on candidates who have already left the race. In 2016 he attacked moderators such as Megyn Kelly and Hugh Hewitt (“very few people listen to your radio show”). He even picked fights with the audience. Just get him started, watch him throw a few punches, and see how many people he can antagonize.

Bring Out His Insecurity

Trump is obsessed with his image. 2016 it did not take before he told us about the size of his Donald, he was bragging in every debate that his poll numbers were bigger than anyone else’s. In every speech, he crows about how much success he’s had as President. To certify his intellect, he reminds audiences that he went to the Wharton School of business.

2020 Election Tips

Trumps self-preoccupation alienates many people. He can’t stand it when anyone thinks ill of him. It is a good strategy when you raise a topic that’s bad for him, such as Trump Wall government shutdown, he will latch onto it. Trump has to get not just the last word, but the last 200 words. He goes on for minutes, explaining sordid details viewers hadn’t even heard before. Take advantage of this defensiveness. Raise issues that Trump can’t resist addressing:

Ask him when is “Mexico is going to pay for the wall”?Nobody except for hardcore Trump supporters believes him, but Trump keeps insisting it’s true. It shows he’s either lying or delusional. Get him going on it. Use his belligerence against him like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumacher

Trump will be running as a President who has shaken things up. Your job is to focus attention on areas where the wrecking-ball president has been a really bad idea.

Americans have now had 2years of a bullheaded president trampling civil liberties. If they don’t care about torture or targeting foreign civilians, remind them of Trump’s threats to “open up” libel laws and “close up” parts of the Internet. Point out his fondness for iron-fisted tyrants in Russia and China. When you combine these observations with the violence and loyalty pledges at some of Trump’s rallies, the thought of a resolute leader who imposes his will makes a lot of people queasy.

Communicate the breadth of Trumps bigotry

A majority of the population isn’t black, Mexican or Hispanic, or Cuban American. Most Americans aren’t Muslim or Seventh-day Adventist. But when you line up Trump’s slurs and innuendoes against all of these groups, voters writ large begin to realize he’ll smear anybody (even if some dismiss this bigotry as Trump fighting political correctness). Trump isn’t a Klansman. He’s a salesman for whom prejudice is just another marketing tool.

Don’t get bogged down in policy disputes

Trump’s tax and budget numbers don’t add up and his economics results are changing. He’s a military and intelligence ignoramus. He has no real plans for health care or education. You want to talk about these things. Don’t. Trump’s Republican opponents pressed these issues against him in several debates, without effect.

Debating policy with Trump just makes him look presidential. His fatal flaw is temperament, not substance. And there are so many damning things to talk about—his scams, his bankruptcies, his wall, all the countries he has already offended—that every minute you spend on the mere impracticality of his so-called plans is a minute you could have devoted to something worse.

Be the adult.

The hardest trick to pull off, and the most important, is to provoke Trump without looking petty yourself. You can’t bicker with him onstage. When Trump goes after you personally, you have to be what he isn’t: poised, calm, rational, mature. You get to stand opposite him as a direct point of contrast. You can do what no one else can do: expose the absurdity of a Trump by modeling what a president should be.

Hire an expert.

Debating is a very specialized public speaking skill, but it’s interesting to examine the strategies and tactics involved. Hire an expert, there are many who would be happy to help.

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