Time To Be Jolly

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Taking time to notice…

At this time of the year it is easy for me to become cynical and to notice all of the heavy marketing and selling of goods. While we all know that the holiday season is the time that people buy and people sell and yet I often wish for a simpler time.

What is the true meaning of Christmas?

Has it been lost in all the commercial activity, or do you as I do remember the wonder of receiving unexpected gifts and warm times with family. I grew up in London UK right after the second World War, when there were a few luxuries and just the basic necessities, but I remember the warmth and the love of family and big parties done with potluck – you never really knew quite what was going to be for Christmas dinner, it certainly was not turkey!

These days I travel throughout North America consulting and coaching and I’m often on the road, it physically separates me from my family and yet modern technology keeps me connected. If anyone had told me how and where I would work today in 1961 when I graduated from high school I would call them insane and yet on Christmas day I will connect with my family in the UK via FaceTime or by phone – the world is truly amazing.

As I travel I meet many wonderful people and because of technology and my work I often feel very close to them and now it feels like I have an extended family throughout North America.

So here’s a Christmas card to all of my friends wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

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