The Power of Imagination

Geoffrey X Lane

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” Albert Einstein

Imagination is the ability to form a mental image of something that is not perceived through the five senses. It is the ability of the mind to build mental scenes, objects or events that do not exist, are not present, or have happened in the past.

Everyone possesses a certain degree of imagination ability. The imagination manifests in various degrees in various people. In some, it is highly developed, and in others, it manifests in a weaker form. Imagination makes it possible to experience a whole world inside the mind.

It gives the ability to look at any situation from a different point of view, and to mentally explore the past and the future, failure and success. I suggest focusing on success, see it, feel it, taste it and use your imagination to create it!

In your imagination, you can travel anywhere in the speed of light, without any obstacles. It can make you feel free, though temporarily, and only in the mind, from tasks, difficulties and unpleasant circumstances. You can use it to see yourself doing extraordinarily well or failing spectacularly! What you see in your mind eye can accelerate your success or failure. Practice seeing yourself succeed! Imagination is not limited only to seeing pictures in the mind.

It includes all the five senses and the feelings. One can imagine a sound, taste, smell, a physical sensation or a feeling or emotion. For some it is easier to see mental pictures, others find it easier to imagine a feeling, and some are more comfortable imagining the sensation of one of the five senses. Training of the imagination gives the ability to combine all the senses.

A developed and strong imagination does not make you a daydreamer and impractical. On the contrary, it strengthens your creative abilities, and is a great tool for recreating and remodeling your world and life.

“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus” Mark Twain.

Imagination has a great role and value in each one’s life. It is much more than just idle daydreaming. We all use it, whether consciously or unconsciously, in most of our daily affairs. We use our imagination whenever we plan a party, a trip, our work or a meeting. We use it when we describe an event, explain how to arrive to a certain street, write, tell a story or make a sale.

Visualizing an object or a situation, and repeating often this mental image, attracts the object or situation we visualize into our lives. When I was coaching an Olympic athlete to speak I brought up the use of visualization, as way past his fears, it was as if I had turned a bright light! “Oh I can do that” was the comment, “I visualize every downhill race and see myself winning”.

“The man who has no imagination has no wings” Mohammad Ali

Imagination is the creative power behind inventing an instrument, designing a house, giving a powerful speech or writing a book. The creative power of your imagination has an important role in the achievement of success in any field. What we imagine with faith and feelings comes into being. It is the important tool in helping you align with your desires and success.

Imagine what YOU can become……

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