The Next American Revolution?

Geoffrey X Lane

Is Donald Trump the harbinger of the next American Revolution?

A rowdy racist, egotistical billionaire businessman running to lead the Republican Party in the next election – Trump positions himself as the champion of the disaffected, shocked and left behind!

Desperately seeking the America that was once there’s.

They were surprised appalled, enraged, and supported in their despair and deep unhappiness with the election of Barak Obama as President of the United States. Since then the “Tea Party” members of the Republican Party have stalled, obstructed, and disrespected the role of the President of the United States.

In fact it seems that the Republican Party tilled the ground, and prepared it just for Donald Trump, with its harassment and in strident behavior in all levels of US government. And yet today they are surprised, at the anger demonstrated at the Trump rallies and by the fact that they cannot control or manipulate the outcome!

Is this the demise of Lincoln’s Republican Party, it would suggest so with the inevitability of changes to the American population mix.

Change will come to the United States by the higher birthrate of every other ethnicity and migration. Life has overtaken the once white dominant group, both by education, economics and ethnicity.

Will Trumps tactics of anger, xenophobia and now homophobia give him the power that he wants? Is this the death knell of the Republican Party, on March 15 it is possible that Donald Trump will have a stranglehold on its future?

Is this the next “American Revolution”?

We live in interesting times….

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