The Greatest Myth

It’s just not true…

There is no such thing as a natural born speaker. It’s a myth of epic proportions—we cannot even talk when we are born! I get very energetic on this topic. Many people believe they can just power through a performance, using energy and volume. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am sure you’ve heard the phrase “they were an overnight success,” but the rest of the story is that most “overnight” successes worked hard at their craft long before they became successful. 90% of the overnight success occurred before recognition.

Something clicked for me when I was rereading Talent Is Overrated by Geoff Colvin. Once again the book confirmed what already I knew by instinct and experience: the very best at any craft especially professional speakers, have worked, studied, been coached and made a major investment in their craft. According to Colvin, talent is overrated, and “the best performers have set highly specific, technique-based goals and strategies for themselves; they have thought through exactly how they intend to achieve what they want.”

Talent Is Overrated

When you get up to speak be clear about what end result you wish to achieve, those who appear to speak “of the cuff” have given much thought about what they are about to say. They have thought about the context, had conversations about, made notes, so what appears to be casual is anything but!

Here is the challenge in today’s always on world, you need to “Speak Up” to be seen and heard, it’s a noisy distracted world full of BS. Take time to think before you speak, I don’t mean a few seconds I mean weeks or hours. Think about your purpose, mission and intention, let those guide your words.

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