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When you looked at the puppies on the fence, what story came to mind?

When you meet an old friend for coffee to catch up, do you open your calendar and give a list for all the things you have done since you last met? Or do you tell each other stories from your lives, swapping the vital and important events, through short anecdotal tidbits of information, not even noticing that these are stories?

Involve Me Inspire Me

A story does what facts and statistics never can: it inspires and it motivates. That’s why effective speakers, and facilitators are such expert storytellers. They can translate complex ideas into practical examples – and they know how to make emotional connections with their listeners. The real message gets through because everyone can relate to a good story. Conveying information in a story provides a rich context, remaining in the conscious memory longer and creating more memory traces than information not in context.

Therefore a story is more likely to be acted upon than normal means of communications. Storytelling, whether in a personal or organizational setting, connects people, develops creativity, and increases confidence. The use of stories in a workshop or coaching session can build descriptive capabilities, increase personal and organizational learning, convey complex meaning, and communicate common values and rule sets.

Storytelling ~ Story Sharing ~ Sharing History & Knowledge ~ uses the emotive power of the human experience to bring your message to life. I use the term “story sharing,” instead of “story telling” to stress personalized interaction rather than performance.

Description capabilities are essential in strategic thinking and planning, and create a greater awareness of what we could achieve. Fictional stories can be powerful because they provide a mechanism by which the individual or organization can learn from failure without attributing blame. Personal learning stories are inspiring. In summary, when used well storytelling is a powerful transformational tool in your presentation that allows you to affect the individual and organizations.

Stories have been told ever since humans developed language and first gathered around fire. And for a good reason: a story is not just a powerful way to impart complex information; it gives the storyteller an opportunity to build an emotional bond with the audience.

Expert communicators know that storytelling is emotive and persuasive. Storytellers – we see them holding court and they are proof that the story is alive and well and thriving in this technology-driven world – they make contact and have an impact on others.

Storytelling is a time-tested way of establishing trust and rapport, and of cementing collaborative behaviors. It’s also a powerful information, inspiring and teaching tool. The story paints a more vivid picture of the world than a column of numbers does. And it does so in a way that’s more likely to inspire and motivate those who hear it.

What’s your story?

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