Soft Skills = Hard Results

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Communicating to get results…

Most of us took driving lessons and yet the most important skill in business, inter-personal communications, is learned the hard way! By our mistakes – with little understanding of the impact upon your ability to lead, inspire and get things done.

When you think about improving your career, you probably focus on hard skills. However, “soft” skills like communication, presentations, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness are likely to get you noticed—if not more so.

By developing these skills, you can reduce stress and clarify communication, while avoiding common communication pitfalls.  You will also gain a better understanding of your own personal communication style and how it impacts everything you do.

Soft skills may seem like something you either have or you don’t, but you can actually learn and develop them and practice them. Pick the skill that you want to focus on and work to practice it as much as you can.

Why Develop YOUR Soft Skills?

Have you ever been on a dysfunctional team, where everything takes longer, and often it creates animosity between the team members and very poor result, costing time and money and possible career advancement. This problem could not be resolved with Excel or coding only the soft skills such as interpersonal communications could turn this into to a hard result.

Let’s assume you are leading a team assigned to complete a project, such a revamp of the company website, your ability to listen, involve and collaborate have a hard impact of the time taken and the quality of the result!

With the skills, of listening to understand, fostering collaboration, and personal objectivity you can reduce stress and produce hard results. While avoiding common communication pitfalls by understanding of your own personal communication style and how it impacts everything you do.

Hard Results!

Think back on your projects and meetings from the week and consider what could have gone better or how you handle tough situations. Ask yourself these three questions; What worked? What did not work? What can I do differently? With complete honesty, you can use this self-review to discover patterns in your work style that hinder you and work to improve them.

When head-hunters look for candidates these soft skills are top of mind. By building up your soft skills, you strengthen yourself it makes you a more desirable candidate for promotion. It takes conscious effort to increase your skills—and you may find your next project or job interview goes much more smoothly as a result.

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