Reading Entrails!

Geoffrey X Lane

The US election & what it could mean to business…

The ancient Romans used to read the entrails of chickens to predict the future, reading the results of the US election is a little bit the same, except it’s a little messier! Having said that, the way people vote and whom they vote for foreshadows major social trends, it seems that a large part of the US population is angry and frustrated with the current state of affairs – so what does this mean for business?

People are unhappy with the disparity in wages and between the worker and management and corporate profits – this could mean problems for many industries – as the business philosophy of the last 20 years has been to lower wages and if they cannot lower them in the United States, move the business off shore. While we don’t know what the final outcome will be in the selection, we do know that the general US population wants change.

This anger and frustration will be used by every candidate running for election in this November election – in order to get elected -they will make promises to change the current status quo – will they make changes when elected?

This has some worrying aspects if you a major corporation, I suggest that many people will be happy if these changes are made.

Bernie Sanders has done an excellent job of presenting his point of view, which in many ways will be picked up by all those who hate the 1%. It might even lead to change in the super PAC influence in future elections.

Will this mean changes to the US tax laws for corporations, a crackdown on worldwide earnings, offshore business penalties, and so much more!

I like to watch the way the candidates present themselves, as I am in the business of preparing people to make strategic presentations, the most on message is Bernie Sanders, the most attention-getting is Donald Trump – will either lead their respective parties in the general election? At this point it is not about getting elected president of the United States, it is about getting endorsed and getting votes so that one can run for president of the United States.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton is positioning herself and her message so that the majority of Democrats will give her the right to run for president and it looks like she will be successful.

On the Republican side, well maybe I will have to sacrifice a chicken like the ancient Romans to read the final result. The Republicans are having their own civil war – as the world watches they are throwing hands up and wondering what’s going on – perhaps someone should tell them, it’s just US politics.

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