Perfectionism Kills

Geoffrey X Lane

Perfectionism Kills; creativity, natural expression, authenticity & influence

Stop trying to be perfect as that squashes your natural and creative authentic expression. Striving to be ‘perfect’ creates so much tension and stress that paradoxically it causes more mistakes. The drive to be ‘perfect’ will iron out any natural expression and have the audience question your authenticity and leadership. The days of projecting the perfect leader image are long gone.

You Will Make Mistakes

The most accomplished public speaker normally does make a mistake or two. When you make a mistake during a speech, no one knows or cares but you. Most often, only ‘you’ know what you were going to say – so remember that the only person who really cares and knows about any one mistake is the person doing the speaking, “YOU”, relax be yourself.

When you make a mistake during a speech, no one knows or cares but you. Now if you make a mistake the most important thing you can do is keep going. Don’t stop, and unless the mistake was truly major, don’t apologize. Unless your audience is reading along with you, from a written copy of your speech, they won’t know that you left out a word or said the wrong name.

Be Real & Show Up

Whether you’re a president or manager or a speaking coach like me, you will make mistakes. It’s being human, and that is what helps us be great speakers, our human authenticity enables us to connect with our audience. Audiences don’t want to hear perfection, for that they watch actors.

They want to hear from someone who is real.

Be engaged whenever and wherever you are; is natural for an authentic leader and it does not cost energy, rather like regular exercise it creates energy. Never miss the opportunity to make a connection with another human being, just because you’re on your phone checking emails, text or social media. “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” yes, it is an old saying however it is true for most people remember that first encounter with you and use it as point of reference forever! The few seconds it takes to acknowledge another can make lifetime of difference for you and them.

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