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Watching the US politicians making their pitch to be elected I’m struck by the differences in the styles.

On the Republican side, we have the showman/businessman who operates on a form of let’s make a deal/let’s make headlines. And then we have one rebel, and a group of let’s be safe and be politicians bound by political correctness.

It’s too early to tell whether the showman/businessman Trump will win it all, however he has an advantage; the other politicians in the Republican Party are so busy trying to work out how to attack, counterattack and discredit him that they have been pulled off message – they are losing control of their own pitch, Trump has become the message. After all they are bound by mind set of the politician!

Trump doesn’t think like a politician, does not behave like one and this is a great advantage as he fits the news media’s profile of outrageous, political incorrectness, huge statements, and this is not an act, this is Donald Trump!

Trump is used to making deals, of negotiating, of making outrageous statements that he can back away from as concessions during making the deal. Rarely does he stay with what he says, and yet he has tapped into a huge audience of angry disaffected American citizens. Whether the whole country will buy his message is another thing, however as he moves into the next cycle it will be interesting to see how he changes his message and yet keeps his angry base active.

The Republican Party has a challenge on its hands, as their preferred candidates are bound by their political correctness, the party line, and their focus on Trump. Their mindset (politician) is such that they are unable and unwilling to be as outrageous – there is a real danger that they will emulate Donald Trump, escalating the outrageous rhetoric, creating a hot and interesting summer.

On the Democratic side, having only two candidates it is a different game. Hillary Clinton has been painted as part of the establishment, and her history seems to support that. Hillary Clinton thinks like a politician, lives as a politician and has been so long in the political realm I doubt that an original or passionate thought or expression now exists within her. People doubt her authenticity, sincerity, and people see her as part of the political establishment of Washington.

The other Democratic candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders while he is an elected politician and part of the political fabric, he is outraged he is passionate he is a revolutionary and he has always been. A passionate person expressing outrage and unique ideas is a very powerful force. He is and authentic rebel which ignites similar passion in his audience, inciting revolution and change.

I believe Democratic establishment fears him, because he is a revolutionary and the debt that they owe to Hillary Clinton for her supporting Obama – this is particularly true of the Black Caucus in Congress. Will Bernie Sanders create enough revolutionaries to change the game? Bernie Sanders does not think like a politician, and outraged and articulate man on the march to make changes.

Are you by your mindset/profession or by “we have always done it this way” kind of thinking. If you last pitch for business failed, think again!

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