Is it possible to teach public speaking online?

Geoffrey X Lane

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Online training is now possible and convenient and with the increase in bandwidth, and chip speed it is becoming the preferred tool of many training organizations and companies, universities and professional associations for continuing studies and professional development.


What is driving this change? Sending an individual staff member to a public seminar or company training can be inconvenient because of workload and time demands which make it impossible for that person to learn new skills and gain new knowledge.

What if there is a key people in your organization that need staff development and they cannot leave their office! Online training programs gives them the opportunity to participate, as it computer/internet based, it is like their personal time machine.

Training Online Offers Ultimate Convenience

Workshops can be timed to fit in with your company’s educational needs. Online training allows many different employees in different ‘time zones’ and geographic locations to participate simultaneously. It is based upon Internet access, bandwidth and computer equipment.

This means ultimate convenience, from anywhere, any time, as long as there is an Internet connection and a laptop e.g. airports, home, hotel office, at lunch hours, early morning, end of day. As no staff travels, this avoids active time out of the office, delayed and expensive flights or hotel and food costs. This means less stress for management HR./Accounting/Travel re; No more managing multiple trips, people, managers and expense reports.

If a participant is unable to attend, they can logon and review the recorded training session, add their own comments or questions. They also can join in the ‘Study Team’ online, and contribute their knowledge and experience.

This flexibility encourages the participation of all registered participants, ensuring a better return on your ‘training and education’ investment. The sense of community and cohesiveness is enhanced through ‘Study Teams’ collaborating within the training program.

By using the ‘Study Team’ approach, creating teams with mixed experience, learning styles and young successful team members. This creates the opportunity share experience, working knowledge and enhances the group’s overall results.

Time & Cost Effective

Online workshop: a fixed fee for the entire program/workshop, one expense, and no travel time expense. You can spend the savings on recognition or more education or use it for future development. By offering an “Online” course for your staff, you are able to save thousands of dollars, create teams and share working knowledge.

Maximum Impact

The same message, experience, tools and learning achieved at the SAME time, across many time zones, different countries and offices.

Training your staff as a single unit (or in a few large groups) provides immediate impact and strengthens and intensifies learning and builds a ‘sharing and learning culture’.

Is this the future of training or even consulting? It certainly will become a large factor for many organizations, especially as technology improves the process. Will it replace the business convention? I don’t think so, but I have been wrong before.

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