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I deserve it…

I have great empathy for Hillary Clinton, beaten by Obama eight years ago, then supporting him and joining him as Sectary of State it would seem she has paid her dues. In eight years the world has changed a great deal and in the political world that is a very, very long time – eight weeks can turn everything upside down, just ask the Republican Party.

Pick Me! Pick Me!

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign seems to consist of “ I’m the chosen one”, it is as if it is her right to be the next president. It has the tone of – I have done all the work – look at my credentials! It was working until perennially angry Bernie Sanders truly challenged her. Clinton behaved as if it was already hers! She is going to be the Democrats choice to run for President at no time did I hear from her that it was about the people that were voting, a very strange campaign. If Clinton were making a business presentation she would fail, but this politics!

Clinton’s position that “I am qualified” is the very thing I believe that will bring her defeat. People are angry at their own government – really angry, angry enough to go against party lines. If she is the Democratic Party’s establishment’s choice, I don’t think the people of the United States are ready to or want to automatically vote for her, it smacks of insider politics, elite choice and backroom deals.  It smacks of all the things that young people particularly don’t like about the current democratic process in the United States. People are angry and fed up with the politics of the Washington insiders.

Bernie Sanders campaign is all about people, people and their needs people and their problems – all about when he is in charge of government what he can do for the people. With the startling success of Bernie Sanders, her campaign changed somewhat but not very much. Bernie Sanders has picked up momentum, is it enough?

Party Elite

If the Democratic Party chooses Hillary Clinton her Republican opponent will have a field day – there are so many contentious and difficult issues that she brings to the election.

If it is Donald Trump – watch out as he depends on his opponents’ having personal weaknesses and scandals that he can angrily, mercilessly exploit and tear them down. This makes Hillary Clinton – Donald Trump’s dream opponent. She gives him an endless amount of scandals to work with. The emails, Benghazi, Whitewater, Iraq, the Lewinsky scandal, Chinagate, Travelgate, the missing law firm’s records, far to many to mention here. There is enough material in Hillary Clinton’s background for Donald Trump to run with many times over and over and over again.

Trumps “torch it” style will burn her to the ground.

Hillary Clinton has always been a polarizing politician, even as the wife of a president she was seen to be first and foremost a politician – it leads me to surmise that it’s always been a one-two punch for the Clinton’s, first him now her!

Ah we live in interesting times….

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